15 lovely reasons why German Shepherds make the best pets

April 3rd, 2017

German Shepherds have a long standing history as guard dogs, trained to serve, protect and intimidate. They’ve been cast in action films and awarded medals of honor so is it really any wonder why we would want one for ourselves?

If you’re left unconvinced about the range of benefits that come with adopting a German Shepherd of your own, read on.

Here are 15 reasons why German Shepherds make the best pets:

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They are obedient and easy to train

German Shepherds actually enjoy learning and taking orders which makes the training process far simpler and more enjoyable than it is with other breeds.

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They are loyal and protective

If given proper training and a bit of TLC, your German Shepherd will become extremely loyal to you and in turn become protective. This means that they will love you unconditionally and if the situations arises, you know they’ve got your back.

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They are highly intelligent

Their intelligence is made up of all of their amazing and special traits – obedience, curiosity and a real thirst for mental stimulation. This is why they are often recruited as police dogs.

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They are wonderful companions

Once German Shepherds have attached to you, their sweet and friendly nature becomes an extreme positive. This is what makes them an ideal family dog.

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They are active dogs

German Shepherds are an extremely high-energy breed which means that they will encourage you to become fit and healthy too! They love a lot of outdoor exercise so take it as an opportunity to get active with them.

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They are healthy dogs too

Unlike many dogs of a larger breed, German Shepherds have very few health related risks when kept on a healthy diet and given enough exercise. The main concerns are in regards to their hip and elbow joints, but are avoidable if kept healthy.

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They are heroic

Their heroic nature is part of the reason why many German Shepherds are used in police forces. They have been awarded medals of honor for their service and bravery and are responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people.

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They are awesome family dogs

If you socialize your German Shepherd pups when they are young, they will grow up to be fantastic playmates for young children.

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They are adaptable

While they may not seem it, German Shepherds really can adapt to any kind of lifestyle or living situation. As long as they are given plenty of exercise, they can adapt to suit your needs.

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They are low maintenance

German Shepherds require little to no grooming at all. Their beautiful natural coats can remain that way without any special care, which means expenses for you.

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They come in a range of colors

While you might think German Shepherds all come in variations of the same black, tan and brown coloring, you’d be wrong. Some of the less common colorings include solid coat colors of blue and white.

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They can be friendly to other pets

They may seem like a breed that craves dominance over other animals, but that is certainly not always the case. When socialized early, German Shepherds can even become quite timid and gentle with other pets.

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Even if they aren’t – they look intimidating

German Shepherds emanate the kind of look that says ‘do not mess with me’. Their reputation coupled with their larger frames means that people are often quite afraid of the breed regardless of how docile or friendly they might actually be.

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They will accept those you trust

While German Shepherds might be standoffish and protective of you around those they don’t know, this will change quickly as they learn to trust new people and familiarize themselves with them.

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They are curious

German Shepherds have a desire for challenges and a natural curiosity. They love mental stimulation just as much as physical activity which makes them great playmates.