6-year-old girl makes history as Georgia's youngest 'pro' farmer
Kendall Rae Johnson loves helping her community with her farm.
Eduardo Gaskell

Kendall Rae Johnson is a young 6-year-old member of a farming community in Georgia. She was just 3 when she began a passion for growing produce thanks to her great-grandmother, Laura “Kate” Williams.

Kendall’s mom, Ursula Johnson, says her daughter started with a patio garden. By the time Kendall was 4, it was a full-fledged garden.

“She started to see it go from a seed, to a plant, and then die and come back. She saw the plant life cycle of that and was like, wow,” Ursula said.

Kendall loved growing her own food.

As she got older, her garden grew in size and even her friends would come visit the garden. Kendall would proudly show her friends all her fruits and vegetables.

“The very first time we took her to go seed shopping, she spent $200! Whose kid does that?” Ursula said.

Kendall grows carrots, okra, zucchinis, and strawberries among many other varieties. She suits up for her calling too, with boots, gloves, and gardening tools. And her parents support her every step of the way.

Kendall is the youngest farmer in Georgia as well as the youngest Black farmer in the country.

Kendall is certified and that allowed her to create her official business called “aGROWKulture”. She can apply for grants and scholarships and even buy land under her company.

Kendall and her family started the program “Bloom” to help the community with their own farm. It’s a monthly gardening club that allows invited families to help Kendall in planting, harvesting, and organizing subscription food boxes.

The program also collects donations as a means to provide garden boxes for families and urban communities.

Kendall also hosts gardening clubs and classes which allows her to discuss and teach others interested in gardening.

“It has a big feeling in my heart. In my heart is the garden. The garden is special to me,” Kendall said. “The most fun thing about being a farmer is just being yourself.”

This young farmer is often asked to attend conferences and even speak at engagements.

“When you go to these meetings and you go to these conferences and things of that nature, nine times out of 10 you won’t see anyone as young as Kendall there,” said Ursula. “It was so important and so inspiring that they invited her to just come, sit in, listen even if she doesn’t understand what is going on.”

Kendall wants to raise $10,000 so she can buy two high tunnels, dirt, soil, and lumber. That includes building an agricultural science learning space for kids.

aGROWKulture’s mission statement says it all.

“My mission is to meet new friends, make new things & inspire other kids.”

Kendall’s achievements even had South Fulton’s mayor declaring September 28 as “Kendall Rae Appreciation Day” for all her work.

Kendall is an inspiration and a true wonder for everything she’s doing! Show your support and follow her on Instagram!

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