Gay Couple Gets Unexpected Surprise After Prom

May 17th, 2018

Sometimes we jump to conclusions. It’s a very human response that stems from all the lessons and experiences we’ve had that we apply to future experiences and events.

But it can cause us to unjustly judge and incorrectly assume things about people.

Though these reactions are mostly innocent and automatic, they are the foundation from which racism and prejudice grow. One man was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was wrong in his assumptions when he happened upon a bunch of “bros” at the Jersey Shore.

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The Guido Source: The Guido

And this is a tough one. We’ve all seen MTV’s The Jersey Shore and we’ve all heard horror stories about violence, misogyny, and racism that occurs amongst groups of these drunken bros.

But Michael Del Moro found that these bros, while loud and provoking, were actually spreading some love on the Seaside Boardwalk.

Seaside is a haven for post-prom revelry and Del Moro happened upon a group of revelers during prom season. The group of rowdy gents were screaming at couples to kiss as they walked by a rooftop bar.

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Micahel Del Moro Source: Micahel Del Moro

Del Moro started to get nervous when he saw a gay couple walking down the street in matching tuxedos and holdings hands.

“A short thread from here in Seaside Heights, NJ, where—not so long ago—young men would shout the word “f****t” out their car window as we’d stroll along the boardwalk,” Del Moro, a Good Morning America producer who identifies as homosexual, Tweeted.

Del Moro was getting some late night ice cream on the boardwalk with his boyfriend, sister, and mother at the time.

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Micahel Del Moro Source: Micahel Del Moro

“Last night, while out for Mother’s Day with our families (read: getting some late-night ice cream because treat yourself!) we noticed a group of rowdy bros gathered on a rooftop bar obnoxiously yelling “KISS HER!” in unison at every apparent couple that passed by,” he explains.

“It’s prom season here, so at that time of night you’ll see high schoolers in their formal attire. As we walked by the rooftop bros, an adorable teenage gay couple passed us in perfectly fitting midnight blue tuxes, matching pink ties, holding hands.”

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Micahel Del Moro Source: Micahel Del Moro

Del Moro decided to check up on the couple when they targeted they gay couple in tuxedos.

“I looked at Alec (my boyfriend), my mom, my sister, and stopped to make sure the couple was okay as they walked by… worried that something might happen. The rooftop crew quickly switched from “KISS HER!” To “KISS HIM!”

He soon realized that his concern was all for naught.

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Micahel Del Moro Source: Micahel Del Moro

“After some hesitation, the young men kissed… and let me tell you: both the rooftop crew and everyone else on the boardwalk just went absolutely wild for them and we all breathed a sigh of relief,” Del Moro explained.

Del Moro said this hopeful occurrence doesn’t mean “everything’s fine.”

But said that “it’s an encouraging moment for young LGBTQ folks out there.” The tuxedo couple, Theodore Vidal and Colin Beyers, were thrilled to see that their story was shared on the internet.

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colinbe123 Source: colinbe123

“It was so surprising that these guys were supporting us,” Vidal, who was bullied after coming out, told BuzzFeed. “Especially after what I’ve gone through.”

Vidal and Beyers say they were fully expecting to be harassed by the Seaside bros.

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Theodore Vidal Source: Theodore Vidal

“Machoism is such a thing here, so the fact that those guys cheered us on was shocking,” Beyers explained. “It’s one of those small victories that makes the hard times worth it.”

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