Funny Magician Walks on Stage - Set's a Judge's Cards on Fire
"You're going to feel a little heat" he says before he sets her deck of cards on fire.
Ben Jacklin

A magician from Sydney, Australia, has wowed the judges of Australia’s Got Talent. His daring tricks even involved setting a judge’s cards on fire! Even more impressively, Saksham, the magician in question, is just 17 years old!

Taking the Stage

Saksham is clearly a little nervous when he takes to the stage, wide-eyed. It doesn’t take long for him to find his rhythm. For a 17-year-old, his stage presence shines through and quickly starts to impress the guests.

Manu Feildel, a new judge on the show, doesn’t know what to make of Saksham as he picks on him for the first trick. Using menu cards Saksham asks Manu to pick his favorite fruit, which he will make appear without being told what it is.

It appears that all has gone terribly wrong, when a frowning Manu sees Saksham pull out a bunch of bananas. Manu had picked watermelon, and shouts this out as the bananas are revealed.

A laugh from the crowd is replaced by stunned applause as he peels back the banana skin and reveals sliced watermelon underneath!

The Card Trick

Then comes the card trick, which has to be seen to be believed. After asking the judges to pick cards, he then reveals that he has somehow worked out their cards, and the reveals get more and more exciting.

At one point, he even sets alight a deck of cards, leaving packaging to burn away and reveal Nicole Sherzinger’s card, with the crowd left in awe!

By the end of the performance, Saksham has the judges in awe. Shane even says “in my mind, that is the first time I’ve ever been a part of actual magic”. At just 17, this young prodigy seems to be whipping up a frenzy.

His smile by the end says it all, as he seems to be a natural showman once he’s found his groove.

The Reaction

The judges were not the only ones left in awe of young Saksham’s performance, as people took to social media to share their bemusement and excitement at the act.

Saksham – Not Such a Newcomer?

He may only be a teenager, but he appeared on television as young as 15, when he wowed the Studio 10 presenters.

If you want to see Saksham, he’s even playing some small shows. These shows tend to be in village halls around NSW in Australia, but don’t worry, we’re expecting that Saksham’s shows start to get a huge amount more attention. It won’t be long before he’s touring the world.

Magicians – Popular With AGT Audiences

This isn’t the first time a magician has wowed on Australia’s Got Talent. In 2011, Cosentino got to the final, and actually finished second.

Consentino’s style was very different as he took on escapism and illusions in his magic act.

Gentlemen of Deceit were another magic act to feature with a more whimsical style, but ultimately lost out in auditions.

With so many magic acts around, it is hard to stand out in the modern age of the YouTube magician and talent shows, but Saksham has certainly left his mark. You should expect this prodigy to continue to wow the judges.

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By Ben Jacklin
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