Online debate ensues after former kindergarten teacher lists 5 reasons she quit
It turns out that a lot of people weren't ready to hear what she had to say.
Jessica Adler

Misconceptions surrounding workers who leave their jobs abound.

While some would speculate it must be an indication said workers are inept or responsible for something awful, that’s not always the case.

In fact, some would say it’s far from it.

Others may assume it’s due to inadequate pay, but oftentimes there are reasons the general public just aren’t made privy to.

People resign for many reasons.

But one ex-kindergarten teacher felt called to set the record straight.

Her name is Jessica Gentry and she is very vocal about her thoughts. She also generously shares them online.

One post she shared about why she actually quit her job, however, has gained more attention than she ever would have imagined.

She mentioned all the possible assumptions of other people and her former HR director about her resignation.

So, she addressed them with all honesty.

She gave 5 solid reasons.


It wasn’t about the pay.

“Let me tell you why those who ooze passion for teaching are leaving the occupation like their hair is on fire…”

First, she tackled the claims that “the kids have changed”.


For her, it’s not true that it’s the kids who have changed. It’s parenting and society that have changed.

And these changes have been affecting the kids.

“Parents are working crazy hours, consumed by their devices, leaving kids in unstable parenting/coparenting situations, terrible media influences… and we are going to give the excuse that the KIDS have changed?”

She also added how kids would always behave when they’re in the place where they feel safest.

“The kids flipping tables at school? They don’t have a safe place at home. Our classrooms are the first place they’ve ever heard ‘no’, been given boundaries, shown love through respect.”

It makes sense, right?

Kids learning is not just all about technology.


Jessica also emphasized the importance of hands-on learning, which is being neglected nowadays.

It’s because we focus too much on using technology to teach kids.

She wanted to remind everyone that kids still need to learn how to deal with things, not only when using a gadget but also in an actual setting.

Jessica highlights the importance of time.


And for her, it should be used wisely and mainly for the kids.

She even shared her own experience.

“Just this year, a new math assessment was introduced for K teachers. We had to attend a training on a school day (time missed with students) then it took us THREE WEEKS to administer it… one on one… to 21 students. Such. A. Waste. All of the info I could have told you about them without taking away from precious instructional time.”

Parents must do their part.


All parents want the best for their kids, that’s for sure. But it’s saddening that many parents totally depend on schools and teachers to give the best for their kids.

As they do this, they also tend to forget that they also have to contribute to the betterment of their children. This is what Jessica wanted to say on her 4th reason.

Jessica even shared some of the undesirable treatment that she experienced from some parents and they’re heartbreaking.

“Instead of holding parents accountable… and making them true partners, we’ve adopted a customer service mindset. I’ve seen the Facebook rants about attendance and getting “the letter”. Well, here’s the thing… I can’t teach your child if he’s not in school”

Last but not the least

Jessica revealed how everything about her teaching job affected her health physically and mentally.

As she knows what the students deserve, she knew that she couldn’t do her job if she isn’t in the condition to do so.

“I finally realized… you can’t save them all. You can’t even help 21 if you aren’t healthy yourself. If your mental and physical health aren’t a focus, you aren’t even good for the 21.”

She left all the benefits of being a teacher just so she can take care of someone important and that’s her own child. She believes it’s important for every student to be guided by their parents.

She believes it starts at home.

“I decided to start with my 1 at home… and work to help other mommas be able to show up for their ones at home. Because… I really do believe it starts there. I may have left the classroom… but I am still advocating for those kiddos. It just looks different now,” she added.

Many have found her reasoning to not only be sound but also empowering.

Her hope is that her post will resonate with many more parents in the future.

How can kids be taught by a teacher if parents haven’t prepared them to learn?

Read Jessica’s unabashedly honest post in detail below!

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By Jessica Adler
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