Man catches ethereal figure glowing through the clouds that looks like Christ the Redeemer
The resemblance is hard to ignore.
Jonathan Arrastia

Faith is what keeps most of us glued to the things we do.

Worship, service, and kindness are just some of the values expressed by those who follow in the footsteps of Christ. His message remains clear and true in every disciple’s actions, both near and far.

Skeptics of the presence of the Lord and Savior might have a change of heart after this story.

Recently, Alfredo Lo Brutto, an Italian man from Agropoli, captured an image reflecting Christ the Redeemer and it is wreaking havoc across the internet.

The reflection of Christ was taken over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Brutto marveled at what he saw. He was taken aback by the surprise of seeing such a biblical sighting that he had no choice but to try and capture it.

Despite not posting many pictures on social media, Brutto couldn’t resist sharing it.

Brutto wanted to share the image with people across the world so that they could rejoice in their faith and be in awe of such a sight.

Many people who were skeptical claimed that because there was light reflecting off the sea.


Indeed, this wasn’t the first time that an image of Christ has been seen publicly.

Despite the skepticism, many people have embraced the image and have chucked it up to nothing more than divine intervention.

Wikimedia/Bartosz Kosiorek
Wikimedia/Bartosz Kosiorek

The image looks very much like Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

It bears a striking near-perfect resemblance to the famous statue that looks over the Brazilian city.

Flickr/Edgar Alfonseca
Flickr/Edgar Alfonseca

The fact that it occurred in the way it did really speaks volumes to those looking for a sign of some sort.

This inexplicable moment could be a coincidence

With respect to all religions and denominations of faith, the image could be just an optical illusion. Nature has a way of playing with our senses and this may be no exception. Our eyesight interprets objects differently when at a distance and with certain light fractures.

Many people have been going crazy over this.

A scientific term, pareidolia, relates to the ability of humans to visually misinterpret images due to the relationship of colors and visuals. With this in mind, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this is just a total coincidence.

Regardless, the image has strengthened the faith of many people worldwide

As with many devotees, this has sparked a sign of positivity in the return of Christ himself. Those who would acknowledge his second coming are extremely happy to see such a wonderful sight and possible reassurance that Christ is in fact carrying out his will.

Brutto is very happy to have contributed such a powerful image to society. He’s happy to be able to rely on the power of faith to help him through the storms whenever life crazy.

Whether you think this image is a hoax or real, one thing is for sure: never stop believing in the power of photography.

Be sure to watch the entire video of how it happened down below!

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By Jonathan Arrastia
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