What Do Your Favorite Carbs Reveal About You? [Quiz]
"I think my soulmate might be carbs."
Kate Miano

Carbs are possibly the most popular food group. With the endless variations and its presence in so many cultures all over the world, carbs have a grip on our eating habits. But did you know that ways of consuming carbs change with your age?

flickr - Krista
flickr - Krista

While food trends are always changing, we often don’t always realize that our personal food preferences change too. The kind of carbs a toddler consumes is most likely not the same carbs that a middle-aged adult will have.

Carbs are wonderful no matter what your habits are.

flickr - sylvar
flickr - sylvar

Carbs in soda or (pop if you’re fancy)

Pita, donuts, pasta, even chickpeas, are all great examples of commonly eaten carbs. But you might be surprised to find out that there are some other foods that are full of carbs too. Soda, for example, has more carbs than a typical bowl of pasta. Carbs are all around us, so it makes sense that they are one of the most important food groups in a healthy, balanced diet.

flickr - Adrian Scottow
flickr - Adrian Scottow

Despite getting a bad rep, carbs are important to eat.

One-quarter of your plate should be whole grains if you want to have a well-rounded diet. Half of your plate be fruits and vegetables, which often contain carbs too.

flickr - wagnertc
flickr - wagnertc

But not all carbs are created equal. The carbs found in vegetables and beans, for example, are healthier than the carbs you might find in a slice of white bread. For this reason, the kind of carbs you eat could say a lot about personality. Fortunately, we’ve got a quiz to help you out.

Take our carb quiz to find out what your carb choices say about your personality. Then check out the giant 50-pound pancake a man made for his friends in the video below.


Take the carb personality quiz!

1 / 11

Drive-thru stop for breakfast. Are you adding hash browns?

2 / 11

Which are you more likely to eat?

3 / 11

Chocolate cake donut or chocolate cake donut with carmel sauce and sprinkles

4 / 11

Are you a fan of bagels?

5 / 11

Are you having combination fried rice or just shrimp?

6 / 11

Garlic bread isn’t complete without cheese.

7 / 11

Carrot cake?

8 / 11

Chicken noodle soup with mushrooms?

9 / 11

Two choices on the menu: Crispy fries or Crispy fries with aioli.

10 / 11

You’re served a loaded baked potato. Do you _____?

11 / 11

Pizza with the works or just cheese please?

Your score is


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By Kate Miano
Kate Miano is a contributor at SBLY Media.