How a father loves his wife will shape the way his daughter will be loved in the future

June 10th, 2021

How different are the parenting styles of fathers and mothers? And how do they affect their children’s future?

Mothers and fathers parent in different ways and different styles. And they even have different ways on how to parent their son and their daughter.

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But one thing they know, how they parent their child will affect how their future turns out.

The presence and parenting style of fathers in a daughter’s life greatly affect “her academic performance and, as a consequence, her career success and financial well-being.”

And how a father treats their daughter has a massive effect on how they will be treated by their future spouse, too.

A father needs to be careful how they interact with their wife and daughter because it shapes their daughter’s future relationships with men.

What does a father need to do?

A father needs to have a respectful attitude towards women.

“A good father does not make sexist jokes or speak disrespectfully about women. He has the intelligence to realize that his daughter’s self-image will suffer if he does so, and knows that it is important to uphold the idea that women are of equal value to men,” Jay Hill wrote on Lifehack.

And he needs to especially have this attitude with his wife and her mother.

Because her father has shown her a man should treat a woman, especially his wife, she has a clear example of how she should be treated by the men in her life. She knows the boundaries men and women need to have. And she knows the appropriate behavior between men and women.

A father should provide his daughter with unconditional love and acceptance.

“Loving fathers who provide praise, support, and unconditional love give their daughters the gift of confidence and high self-esteem. Daughters who have these traits grown into happy, successful adults,” Nelma Lumme wrote on Red Tricycle.

Daughters with this kind of upbringing have given them the confidence to assert themselves academically and professionally. Most of them move on to high-paying jobs usually dominated by men and become powerful leaders.

A father can influence their daughter’s body image.

“By showing their spouse and daughter unconditional love, a father can help foster a positive body image in his daughter that will stick with her for much of her life,” Kathleen Odenthal wrote on Holidappy.

And it doesn’t even have to be big signs.

Sometimes, a father’s subtle actions can have a big impact on their daughters. If they criticize their daughter or wife’s appearance, even as simple as her hair or her walk, it will leave a lasting impression on their daughter.

And especially if they watch shows or films that objectify women or make a subtle comment about a woman’s appearance, it leaves such a big impression on his daughter.

Fathers need to be careful about what they say in front of their daughters, especially when they’re young. Even subtle hints or comments are dangerous because these comments are planted in their young daughter’s mind.

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How do you want your daughter to be when she grows up?

Start treating her now the same way you want her to be treated in the future.

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