Family suspects grandma being abused in care home and hide a camera to find out
Every time they visited Minnie, they noticed more and more bruises.
Jenny Brown

***Warning: Graphic Content***

Minnie Graham was a 98-year-old woman who had raised a huge family. A many-times great-great-grandmother to a large brood of loving Texans who wanted nothing but the best for their matriarch.

When Minnie reached a point that she could no longer live independently and began requiring care 24/7, she went to live at Winter’s Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Garland, Texas where she and her family thought she would get the quality care that the sweet grandma needed.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t have been any further from the truth.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

There was no end to the love that Minnie’s family felt for her, and many of them regularly visited with their grandma to check in on her and see how she was doing.

So, you can imagine how alarmed her granddaughters Terri Hardin and Shirley Ballard were when their precious grandmother increasingly complained about her caregivers “hurting” her.

That’s when they started noticing bruises on Minnie, and then a black eye.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

Disturbed at the many painful-looking bruises and the frequency with which their grandma seemed to be getting injured, they went straight to the care facility’s hospice workers to find out exactly what was afoot with Minnie’s care.

While you would think that the management would have been deeply concerned with the rate at which one of their residents was being routinely injured, they only gave a, seemingly, cookie-cutter response:

“She fell out of her wheelchair.”

The blatant cover story literally added insult to injury, but it also did something else.

The suspicious injuries and the lack of interest on the part of the staff inspired Minnie’s family to come up with a plan to see if the nurses were telling the truth about how their granny was repeatedly getting hurt.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

Rather than going back and forth or making accusations that they had no proof of, Minnie’s granddaughters planted a clock with a hidden camera in her room at the care facility to finally get to the truth of the matter.

Nothing could have prepared them for the horrifying video they were about to watch.

As they stared in shock, Hardin and Ballard saw their 98-year-old grandmother being roughly pulled up into a sitting position by her arms as she screamed out in pain, begging the hospice care worker to stop.

This only earned poor Minnie two hard, audible slaps to the face, as well as ongoing pinching, pushing, and pulling on her frail body, and pulling her hair to hold her in a sitting position by the worker, later identified as Brenna Tiller, who was Minnie’s regularly assigned nursing assistant.

After she shoves Minnie back down onto the bed while she is stripping her clothes off to give her a forceful bath with a hand towel, Tiller goes on to mock and taunt Minnie while she repeatedly cries out for help that goes unanswered.

She calls Minnie names in the video, telling her that she is “ugly” and “retarded”.

In a shockingly immature fashion, Tiller makes whining noises and sticks out her tongue at Minnie as she cries out, never ceasing to be excessively rough with the kind old lady.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

As Tiller continues with her verbal assault on Minnie, she violently scrubs her body with a washcloth that she never rinses out.

After Tiller is finished “washing” Minnie, she shoves the filthy washcloth she just used to wash her body with into the helpless grandma’s mouth.

Sadly, Minnie’s abuse doesn’t end there, either.


Appalled, Hardin and Ballard watched on in disgust and outrage as they saw their grandma endure the same exact type of abuse from yet another care worker, who goes by the name of Lewis, including slapping, pinching, and mocking.

Clearly, their grandma had been telling the truth all along about the staff at her home, just not in full detail.

Perhaps one of the most enraging things to watch next to the physical violence, was when Minnie was warning the male worker, Lewis, that he would end up answering for his conduct.

Instead of becoming remorseful or even responding to her, he simply shoves his hand right in her face and flips her the middle finger as she talks.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

Of course, after viewing the grotesque video of their grandmother’s suffering, Minnie’s family went directly to the authorities to have them charged with elderly abuse.

Although the two nurses recorded on the hidden camera were terminated, and the male arrested, it took many months for them to finally arrest Tiller, only doing so once the media found her.

Even though both were indicted, neither were convicted for years more on end and both still had active licenses to work for care facilities. That is until word of Minnie’s horror story received enough attention that both workers were finally convicted of the felony charges.

Sadly, Minnie passed away in the Winter’s Park nursing home just a little under a month after the wickedly abusive behavior was caught on camera.

Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News
Youtube Screenshot/Fox4 News

According to Nursing Home Abuse Guide, the number of nursing home residents that are abused by certified nursing assistants is not only overwhelming but is, sadly, expected to grow.

They state that, in general, over 2 million cases of elderly abuse are reported each year.

As shocking as that is when they break down the statistics of who is inflicting the abuse it is utterly appalling:

“40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse, and more than 90% report that they or another resident of the facility have been neglected…up to half of all nursing home attendants have admitted abusing or neglecting elderly patients…more than half of all Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) in elder care facilities have admitted verbally abusing, yelling at, and using foul language with elderly residents of care facilities.”

Be advised that the video below is even more graphic than the images above. If you know an elderly person in a care facility, remember to look for signs of elderly abuse, even when not obvious.

If you know an elderly person that is currently being abused in any fashion, please reach out to Adult Protective Services in the state they are residing, and be persistent.

Watch the full story and more in the video below.

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