Family Photo Interrupted By Surprise Behind Them

July 16th, 2018

Standing on a Falls Park Bridge in Greenville, SC in front of a picturesque backdrop, one family posed in an attempt to capture the perfect family photo. They were all smiles until the family photo was interrupted by a startling surprise.

The family had picked the perfect spot for the photo. A gentle waterfall cascaded in the background, and the trees were lush and green. Visitors to the bridge walked by as the family settled themselves into position for the picture.

The family photo session was going well, despite the addition of little ones to the mix. As everyone knows, taking photos with kids can be a bit of a challenge. Everyone tried to get their attention and to get them to look at the camera. The baby wiggled and turned his head.

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The photographer even took a turn calling the kids names and attempting to get them to look his way. “Evan, look right here,” calls the photographer. Everyone points to where little Evan needs to gaze, and, for a second, he glances that direction. For one brief moment, all eyes are on the camera, and almost everyone was smiling. It would be the perfect family photo, and yet, something still wasn’t quite right.

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The photographer suddenly stops.

“Hold on we’re missing somebody.”

The photographer’s strange announcement results in an array of puzzled looks on the faces of the family. They all glance around, seemingly oblivious to what the photographer may be referring to. Some of them do a mental count and are even more confused.

Well, they LOOKED unsuspecting, anyway. The only member of the family that was truly confused by the photographer’s exclamation is the mom. She glances around and notices that the kids are looking behind them. Little does she know that their family photo will soon be interrupted by a surprise unlike any that she can even imagine. Someone is creeping up behind the family to get in the photo, as well. And rightfully so.

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As the mom turns around, she is met face-to-face with her own son, Jared Johns who has been away in the Army. He was on leave from his station in Germany and decided to surprise his mom in a very special way.

She gasps and screams, and the look on her face is priceless. Overwhelmed, she embraces her son, and he heartily returns her embrace.

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They hug and laugh and cry all at the same time. Away too long, they revel in the fact that they are together once more. The joy is evident on the faces of all of the family members. Their surprise was everything that they had hoped it would be. Mother and son are reunited, and the family is together again. It was surely the best family photo that they ever took together, and most certainly the most memorable.

There is no feeling in the world that can compare with being reunited with your loved one, especially if you didn’t even know that you were going to see them. These kids gave their mom one of the best gifts ever, and she never saw it coming.

Watch the full video below to see her reaction.

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