A manager's selfless deed to a family in need goes viral
A manager at a Frenchy's restaurant does a good deed for a family in need.
Ashley Willis

We all go through tough times.

Life is difficult. It tosses obstacles our way that we never see coming. Expect the unexpected is a saying that as one grows older, means a lot more.

It’s in these tough times that we frantically search for who or where to go for help. It’s a humbling experience that can bring embarrassment and shame.

But if we ever plan to make it out of those troubling times, we can’t expect to do it all on our own. After all, we could all use a little help.
Flickr/Steve Baker
Flickr/Steve Baker

That’s a lesson a customer in Houston, Texas learned somewhere along in her life journey.

It all started when a woman entered a Frenchy’s Chicken in Houston, Texas, with a little girl in tow.

Frenchy’s is a popular food chain that specializes in Louisiana Creole cuisine. Every Wednesday the restaurant runs a special where guests can purchase two pieces of chicken for just $1.29.

The woman and the little girl just so happened to come on the busiest day of the week.

When it was the woman’s turn to order, she quietly asked to speak to a manager in private.

The manager in question was a man named, Ahmed Elmadhoun.

Elmadhoun agreed to speak with the woman.

“That’s not typical. It’s not something you hear everyday,” Elmadhoun confessed.

The woman shared that she and her ten grandchildren were hungry. They were so desperate that they didn’t even have enough money to purchase one piece of chicken.

While others make look at this with speculation, Elmadhoun listened with an open heart.

He told KHOU 11:

“For someone to walk in and hand me her social security card and her driver’s license– and she had the little girl with her. I felt like she was really in need. She was really going through a tough time.”

The woman confessed that she was embarrassed to even have to ask for the food. He told her not to be.

“We all through tough times.”

Elmadhoun then went to work in the kitchen.

“I made her a big box and I just filled it up with chicken. Just anything I could find back there.”

Elmadhoun also added some desserts for the woman’s grandchildren.

When he asked the little girl, Maria, if she wanted something sweet, she said yes.

She specifically wanted a lemon cake, Elmadhoun shared with a laugh.

He also included sides and drinks.

Although the woman promised to come back the next day to pay for the food when a check came, Elmadhoun told her not to worry.

The roughly $45 meal was on him.

“I told her that if you’re in that situation again just come back and see me. We’re here for you.”

“We all need a little help every now and then,” he added.

The story doesn’t stop there. Another couple who watched the warm exchange gave the woman gas money to fill up her car.

The Facebook post has garnered much attention. It’s been shared over five thousand times and has over fifteen thousand reactions as well.

Some of the comments include:

“That’s what the world should be about.”

“There are some people with hearts in their chests!”

“Wow. That’s showing lots of love and much more. Thank you.”

We have to agree, what a kind-hearted, selfless act! Hopefully, this inspires others to not only help when they see someone in need but also to ask when they are in need themselves.

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