Robin Williams’ comedic genius was unparalleled, dazzling audiences with his rapid-fire humor and transformative acting—from the sweat-soaked stand-up stages to his Oscar-winning sincerity in “Good Will Hunting.” Yet, offstage, he faced his demons, grappling with depression and addiction. Despite his controversies, Williams’ openness and enduring charm captured hearts globally. Get ready to learn things you’ve never know about him starting with:

Williams expressed interest in portraying Hagrid.

During the production of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Robin Williams expressed keen interest in portraying the role of Hagrid, Hogwarts’ warm-hearted half-giant groundskeeper. However, the producers enforced a strict “Brits-only” policy for casting. Casting director Janet Hirshenson explained that although Williams was enthusiastic about the role, director Chris Columbus adhered to the British-only rule, making it impossible for Williams or any non-British actor to be considered for the part.