Woman Has Best Response To Elderly Man Wetting Pants At Store

September 11th, 2017
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In today’s world, it often feels like society is in a state of true chaos, luckily, there are little moments that truly prove to us that things are not all as they seem when we look at what’s really happening every day between real people, like a Georgia woman named Lisa Lemming Jackson.

The woman, who also works at a Senior Care Facility, was grocery shopping at a Krogers when she noticed an older man who was acting a little bit strange. She realized something was wrong, and she knew that he needed help. She decided to approach him and ask him how she could help.

The man, whose name later turned out to be Elmer, began to tear up and replied, “I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident. If I get up out of this cart everyone will know… What should I do?”

She quickly leaped to action and decided to help him get cleaned up with the help of some Kroger employees, who provided them with anything they needed, including wipes and fresh clothes.

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The man changed, but was sobbing throughout the entire ordeal, explaining that he was trying to do everything as fast as possible so he could get back to his wife.

After Elmer was cleaned up, one other surprise was waiting for him. He found that his items were paid for, bagged, and waiting for him at the checkout.

He told Jackson that “he fought in Vietnam and [the] Korean War and loved his country, but up until [to]day he said he thought his country forgot about him. We both cried and I shared with him my own struggles and fears… He gave me words of wisdom and encouraged me that maybe, after all, humanity still does care about one another.”

The truly amazing moment is beautiful proof that things are not as cruel and horrible as the world can seem sometimes, and that there are some great things happening between real people every day.

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