With a global population of around 8.1 billion, the exact number of people who lived before us remains uncertain. Despite our knowledge and solved mysteries, much about the distant past eludes full comprehension. Symbols, scrolls, and artifacts hint at undiscovered stories and technologies. Ancient remnants, sometimes found in our own backyards, have the potential to reshape our understanding of history.

The Devil’s Bible

Also called the Codex Gigas, the Devil’s Bible is a massive 13th-century manuscript, allegedly written by a monk who made a pact with the Devil to complete it and avoid being walled up alive. Despite the legend, it likely resulted from the manuscript’s single-author appearance over a short period.

The Codex Gigas, crafted from over 160 animal skins and requiring two people to lift, contains the complete Latin Bible, works by Hippocrates and Cosmas of Prague, medical formulas, exorcism texts, and a large Devil depiction. Twelve missing pages fuel rumors of secret Satanic content, possibly even a method for summoning the Devil.