Woman And Parrot Say Final Goodbye

October 12th, 2018

The loss of a loved one is always a painful aspect of life.

And the sorrow experienced with loss is not only limited to humans, but animals as well. Animals go through a similar grieving process as humans, expressing sadness and heartache. Parrots, in particular, are known for being highly emotional.

In the viral video below, Sinbad, an African gray parrot, said a final goodbye to his owner and lifelong friend of 25 years. The elderly woman and Sinbad have shared decades of friendship together, certainly developing a special bond.

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The typically talkative bird is seen silent, understanding the current condition of his companion. Parrots tend to develop strong bonds with their owners, and have a keen sense of empathy towards others. Like humans, some parrots experience a deep depression when they lose a loved one, with some becoming so distraught, they’re given bird safe anti-depressants to alleviate the pain.

The inspiring moment, fueled by love, was caught on camera by the woman’s daughter. As the elderly woman lays in the hospital bed, Sinbad stays right by her side, demonstrating unconditional love and togetherness.

In the video below, Sinbad hops on her chest and the duo share a special moment, with the elderly woman whispering, “I love you” to her cherished friend of 25 years. Since the video’s release, it has gained great attention, accumulating over 1 million views and touching the hearts of many.

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Many of us who have had pets can relate to this video, as a deep bond is formed between us and our beloved animals.

While witnessing this tender moment, viewers can’t help but feel grateful that this special pair were able to share this moment together during this difficult time. In this act of love and kindness, the evident bond and lifelong friendship between the two is undeniable.

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