This dedicated man loses 176 pounds for his dream job

November 15th, 2019

Passion. Drive. Determination. These admirable qualities are not only hard to achieve ourselves, but are hide to find in others. A lot of ties people only posses a few. For example a person may be really passionate about their goals, but aren’t determined to get there and don’t have the drive to keep going despite the difficulty. That was the complete opposite of what Romar Lyle did to reach his goals of becoming a police officer.

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Lyle knew that for his dream to become a reality he needed to make some changes- that weren’t going to be easy. He had the brains but needed the brawn that it takes to become a police officer, so he started his transformation. The issue was that he needed to lose weight. When Lyle graduated with his investigative forensics degree he was 400 pounds and struggling to find work. With the field that he chose he knew that it was his weight that was holding him back. Being overweight applying to a career path that requires a certain level of fitness, wasn’t making finding a job in forensic science on a police force any easier

But his burning passion for his work helped him burn the calories that would get him where he needed to be. Lyle knew that it would be a long road ahead, difficult and time consuming, but he knew that the outcome would pay off.

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He started like anyone in his position would start- a healthy diet and exercise. He joined CrossFit, which helped him lose 176 pounds total. “By the second year I lost about 130 pounds.” Lyle proudly said in an interview.

Lyles dedication paid off and he recently graduated from the 129th Basic Recruit Class for the Richmond Police Department with 20 other cadets. “Don’t quit on yourself. Know that if you really want something , just set your heart to it.” he said of his amazing feat. He continues to encourage others to follow their passions , and is on his way to his dream career.

“It was one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do but it has taught me so many life skills and valuable lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life.” Lyle said of his journey. With grit and passion to acheive your goals, even what may seem impossible, becomes possible.

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