Dance Trio Brings House Down With Touching Performance

September 9th, 2019

For those who watch the So You Think You Can Dance they would have been most impressed with the Baily, Ezra and Geno performance.

Top Six Performers Battle It Out

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It is getting close to the finals, and there is no room for any mistakes. The trio of Baily, Ezra, and Gino gave a stunning performance.

Crowd To Their Feet Several Times

Almost right from the time this trio started their dance performance to the song “Amen” the crowd was energized.


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Adding to the impressive performance was the choreography provided by Talia Favia to the song “Amen” sang by the LCV Choir.

What Did The Judges Think?

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No doubt the judges are influenced by the audience’s response, but they also base their opinions on other factors as well.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe

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In any event, it is the voice of the public when they go to vote that really counts. Nigel Lythgoe as one of the judges was impressed with the entire performance. He was particularly impressed with Gino’s technique.

Judge Dominic “D-Trix_ Sandoval

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Agreed with the other judges and referred to the performances as “Bliss”.

Judge Mary Murphy

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Thought it was a perfect flow

Judge Laurieann Gibson

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Told the dancers “They all have what it takes to make their dreams manifest”.

The Decision

The judges were faced with the decision who would stay and who was to be eliminated

Judges had results from last weeks votes. They also were in agreement with the way the public voted. The decision made was to eliminate Ezra Sosa, which meant that Bailey and Gino would be moving on to the next round.

Bailey Munoz

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Bailey has made it to the finals

Being in the finals of a competition is not new to Baily. He was a semi-finalist for America’s Got Talent. Other appearances that he has made are on Shake It Up which is the Disney Channel.

Gino Cosculluela

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Gino is moving on as one of the final four in So You Think You Can Dance

Another impressive performance of Gino took place when he had a part in Dance Moms

Ezra Sosa

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Ezra has indicated that his main goal for entering the SYTYCD competition was to propel his sister to the top, which is Stephanie Sosa and is also competing.

A Trip To Disneyland

Ezra took some time to have fun after his elimination by taking a trip to Disneyland and he shares his reaction to the elimination on Popcorn Talk.

A First for So You Think You Can Dance

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Ezra and his sister Stephanie made history for SYTYCD

They were the first brother-sister combo to make it to the top then in the history of SYTYCD.

What Happens Next

Down to the Top Four

Bailey and Gino are moving on to the top four along with the two females Sophie and Mariah.

Sophie Pittman

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Sophie is a hopeful who believes in focusing on dancing rather than flips and jumps.

Mariah Russell

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As a contemporary dancer, she has wowed the audience with each of her performances.

No matter who wins or who loses each of the contestants gave the audiences something well worth watching.

The final show will be one that shouldn’t be missed as there are some great indications that it is going to be a real nail biter.

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