Adorable Viral Video Captures Sweetest Father-Son Duet

June 5th, 2019

Videos of children doing funny and cute things are all over the internet. But this latest video might just be the cutest of them all.

Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey is as active on social media as anyone else.

She loves to take photos and videos of her little boy, cheery daughter and handsome husband. But she was shocked at how well her latest video performed.

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Will Dempsey/Facebook Source: Will Dempsey/Facebook

William, Tiffany’s husband, and Weston, their son, love playing music together. Even though Weston is still in diapers, he’s desperate to start learning to play the guitar.

While Weston isn’t quite at the right age to string out a few chords yet, that doesn’t stop him from trying.

So recently, William gave Weston a Guitar Hero guitar so that the toddler could try and play along with his dad.

Now the two give little concerts to the rest of their family on an almost daily basis. One evening, Tiffany decided to record one of these concerts.

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Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsy/Facebook Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsy/Facebook

William and Weston were both shirtless and both had their guitars slung over their shoulders.

They started playing Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs.

William plays the opening strings to the song, and Weston tries to do the same on his guitar.

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Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey

Then William starts to sing the song’s lyrics. Weston doesn’t know the words to the song (or many words at all,) but that doesn’t stop him from joining in.

He wails his heart out, harmonizing with his dad surprisingly well, for a toddler.

Weston is clearly loving playing with his dad. He’s smiling throughout.

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Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook

William is also happy to be playing with his little guy. You can see the pride in his eyes!

Weston already has the moves of a fully fledged rock star. He stomps his foot to the beat and even looks like he’s smashing up his guitar at the video’s end.

Just imagine what Weston will be like when he hears hard rock?

Of course, having stage presence is a very important part of being a musician. Even though he’s only two years old, Weston already has that part sorted!

Now all he needs is to practice the guitar a little, and he’ll be able to sell millions of records!

Tiffany realized the moment was incredibly cute. She uploaded her video onto Facebook right away, hoping her friends would appreciate it.

But when she next logged onto Facebook, she was shocked. Suddenly, the reason why her phone had been giving notifications all day was obvious.

Millions of people had watched the video.

It currently has 9 million views. There are over 73,000 likes and reactions, 156,000 shares and 22,000 comments.

People have been saying things like:

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Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook

Humbled by how much everyone online was loving her husband and child, Tiffany posted an update:

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Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook

Clearly, Tiffany and her household are incredibly proud of their accomplishment.

And the great news is that this appears to be just the beginning of Weston and William’s musical career. Who knows what the father/son duo will achieve in the future?

If you think about it, the toddler already has the perfect name for a musician. He can become Weston, the country and western star!

This just goes to show that fathers should spend as much time with their kids as possible and encourage their talents from a young age. William is an example to fathers everywhere!

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Weston Luke – Live in Concert!!! William Dempsey TheEllenShow Luke Combs Ellen DeGeneres*UPDATE* – Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for the likes, shares and sweet comments. What started out as me taking a video of our normal daily entertainment, turned into something we never would have imagined! Never in a million years did we think this video would get the attention that it has! Y'all are so sweet! And since the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, I may try to capture more moments like this and share them with y'all.Thanks again!xoxo

Posted by Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Source: Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey/Facebook