Uses For Cooking Spray

July 5th, 2017

Cooking spray is slippery and prevents you from burning your pan. So, you have to figure that there are probably other ways you can use it.

Well, there are!

Here are alternative ways to use cooking spray around your home:

Get Gum Out of Hair

Instead of cutting gum out of your hair you can spray cooking spray on it and wiggle it out.

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Simply Good Stuff Source: Simply Good Stuff

Squeaky Chain

If your bike chain has an annoying squeak to it, you can spray it with cooking spray then wipe it down with a cloth.

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Fast Tech Source: Fast Tech

Moisturize Dry Skin

If you have a dry patch of skin, you can moisturize it with some cooking spray.

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Suburban Pioneering Source: Suburban Pioneering

Dry Nail Polish

Cooking spray is a great alternative if you’ve run out of that quick dry nail spray,

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Wikihow Source: Wikihow

Squeaky Door Hinge

Cooking spray will also silence a squeaky door hinge.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Remove a Ring

If your ring has become stuck, you can spray some cooking spray on your finger to help slide it off.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Soap Scum

Spray some cooking spray over soap scum in your home and let it sit for 5 minutes before washing it off with soapy water. It will break down the soap and lime deposits.

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Simply good Stuff Source: Simply good Stuff

Get All of the Sticky Stuff

Spray your spoon with cooking spray before you scoop sticky things like honey to make sure it all comes off of the spoon and you don’t waste any.

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Michigan Cottage Cook Source: Michigan Cottage Cook

Delicious Popcorn

Spray butter flavored cooking spray over your popcorn to evenly coat it. If you’re sprinkling salt, this will help it stick.

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Livestrong Source: Livestrong

Unstick a Door Lock

If the lock in your door is sticking, you can spray some cooking spray into the lock and place your key in. The spray should lubricate the lock.

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Rachel Ray Source: Rachel Ray

Defrost Your Freezer

Use cooking spray to defrost the ice in your freezer. You should also spray a fresh coat on the walls of the freezer after it is fully defrosted to prevent it from icing up again.

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Food Hacks Daily Source: Food Hacks Daily

Get Grease and Paint Off Your Hands

Spray your dirty hands with cooking spray then wash with soapy water to remove grease and paint.

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Mom 4 Real Source: Mom 4 Real

Repel Dust and Dirt From Tires

Spray clean tires with cooking spray so that brake dust and dirt can be easily washed off your tires.

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Scout Source: Scout

Make a Sled Go Faster

Grease up your sled or snow tube with cooking spray to go faster, but remember… safety first!

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Clean Up Bug Splatter

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Pest Wiki Source: Pest Wiki

Rub your car’s bumper and windshield with cooking spray to easily remove splattered bugs.

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