Creative Ways To Organize And Declutter Your Home
Jenny Brown

Clutter accumulates over time. We think that we will get around to cleaning and organizing, but we are all prone to procrastination. Eventually, a mess becomes so big that we are forced to clean it.


To prevent this situation from reaching such high stress-inducing levels, we have compiled a list of organization hacks that will tidy up your home. Your home will look organized and clutter-free after this!

Organize The Bathroom

If your anything like me, then your bathroom sink is probably surrounded by makeup brushes, cotton balls, toothbrushes, and other products. To organize this, mount mason jars to a surface like a wooden pallet with pipe fittings. Then, hang the surface on a wall.


Toothbrush Organizer

Toothbrushes can get messy quick. It’s difficult to keep the bathroom sink area clean, and there are always those moments when you accidentally use your spouse’s toothbrush, which is not hygienic at all. To fix this, store your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other dental care in a silverware tray.


Declutter The Freezer

Clean up the freezer by clipping opened bags to the bottom of freezer shelves. This ensures that these bags don’t get buried in the back, and you take advantage of extra space in your freezer.


Cable Organization

If you have an office in your home (this works for your office at work, too!) then it’s important to keep your cables organized. Use binder clips to keep clips in order and untangled. Clamp the clips to the edge of your desk, and then thread power cables and cables through the loops of the clip.


Toilet Paper Roll Organizer

Instead of having all your cords twisted up and stored in a box or a basket, wind up each cord and place it inside a toilet paper roll for convenient storage.


Bobby Pin Holder

It’s really easy to lose bobby pins. They are small and thin. To prevent this from happening, attach a magnetic strip to a surface in your bathroom. Personally, I use the inside of my vanity cabinet. Then, I stick bobby pins, tweezers, and clippers to the strip for easy organization and storage.


Bedding Storage

Place sheets inside their matching pillowcases to store complete sets efficiently.


Store Wrapping Paper In Garment Bag

Store your wrapping paper in a clear garment bag for easy storage. This can fit right in the hallway closet.


Hair Tie Organizer

Use a carabiner to store your hair ties all in one place.


Space Under The Sink

Hang a tension rod beneath your sink to create ample storage space for cleaning supplies.


Scarf And Tight Storage

Rather than rummaging through your closet or drawers for tights or scarves, try this neat tip. Tie your scarves and stockings to a clothes hanger, and place it in your closet.


If you need more shoe space, then create this neat PVC pipe shoe rack. It’s perfect near the front door!

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By Jenny Brown
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