Crazy-Fit Grandma Shows Off Major Gym Skills
She puts us all to shame.
Kirsten Spruch

Heading to the gym can seem like a daunting task. Especially when the couch is so much closer and sweatpants are so much comfier.

Watching athletes on television or at sports arenas is fun, but trying to be as fit as them? No thanks.

Well, at least we thought so. However, this fit grandma is making us see things differently. She’s making us realize that you’re never too old or weak to hit the gym.

Five years ago, Geralda Barbosa, who hails from Serra, Brazil, noticed she wasn’t in the best physical health. She was out of breath whenever she took the stairs and her muscles were starting to weaken.


She didn’t want to depend on her children to support her. When most people would just accept the fact of life, Barbosa decided to go against the grain and be proactive about it.

Determined, the grandmother of four took a visit to Academia Expressão Saúde, which is a gym near where she lives.

Geralda, who is now 69 years old, completely transformed her body and honestly, most people half her age would kill to be as fit as she is!

By attending the gym three times per week, she no longer fears having to depend on anyone else to live her life. She puts it beautifully, explaining that if we put in work, we will have time to rest.


“What I want is to stand up and be independent and that’s my motivation,” Geralda explained. “My concern is with impending old age because I do not want anyone to have to carry me, I do not want to give work to anyone. I do three times a week because we have to have a rest.”

Her trainers at the Academia posted two shorts videos of Geralda working out before they quickly went viral. Apparently, they use her as an example to motivate people at the gym. It truly is inspiring.

“Dona Geralda !! She’s been training for 5 years now. But she trains! Is that you? What’s your excuse? Stop the excuses, do your part and your life will be better, longer lasting, healthier and more willing. She’s talking,” one of her trainers wrote.

Check her out rock climbing!


People all over the world are in absolute awe of this “Gym Grandma.” Yes, that’s her nickname.

She is 69 years old and it seems like she is currently peaking, living her best life. While doing this, she’s also putting the rest of the world to shame. Seriously, if Geralda can motivate herself three times a week, what’s your excuse?

It reminds us of the story of this mom of three children who crushed two World Records and earned the title of “World’s Fastest Human on a Bike.”

Denise Mueller-Korenek finished a ride that earned her not her first, but second world record. She is a 45-year-old mother with three children!

Up until September 14th, she proudly held the title of fastest bicycle speed in slipstream (female) for a ride that she accomplished in 2016. But she wasn’t satisfied with her speed of 147 MPH. She wanted to break the men’s record, too.

And so she did.


After seeing all of these fit mothers and grandmothers, we’re starting to feel like the gym isn’t so far away after all. Will you be booking a sweaty gym session after watching these clips?

Thanks for being so inspiring, Geralda and mothers everywhere!

Watch her full video below.

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