Cowgirls stand in studio with boots and hats – deliver smooth country moves

February 21st, 2020

“They got whiskey women music and smoke

It’s where all the cowboy folk

Go to boot scootin’ boogie”

If you know the beat and the lyrics then you are a certified country music lover. We have so many reasons to love country music. Country Music can give you many feelings. It can calm you, get you hyped and fired up, and it would certainly get you in the mood for dancing.

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What’s great about it is that most of the lyrics are written and inspired from own life experiences. Another is that the dance that you can incorporate with it is fun, upbeat, and will certainly bring you to a good mood.

Last February 21, 2013, Dana Feher uploaded a video of her and a couple of girls wearing complete cowboy costumes. From boots, jeans, to hats, these girls were lined up in their respective positions, their hands on their waist.

Then the upbeat music of Brooks & Dunn started playing, and the girls started dancing. If you can’t see that they are in a studio, you’d think you have traveled back in time where these beautiful ladies are dancing for an event.

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The song Boot Scootin’ Boogie is quite a crowd favorite don’t you think so? It’s indeed the best song fitted for this groovy dance.

Before we go in detail with this amazing dance performance, let’s check out who Dana Feher is.

According to her Instagram account, Dana is majors in physical education and sport. She is also an International Kangoo power instructor.

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She has her own YouTube page where she uploads different workout videos, Kangoo workout routines, Aerostep tutorials, and of course, dance videos just like this one.

Having a variety of dances, styles, and themes makes her workout videos stand out. Her members are thrilled to know that they are trying new things every time.

Their viral video may look really simple but to all those people who know how to dance to country music or songs know that it’s not that easy.

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You need coordination and timing and they’ve got it! Those legs are getting the workout that they need as well as the cardio included in the dance steps.

Dana Feher’s video already has 7,039,863 views and guess what? It’s still being watched and shared today!

“Truly, country dance and music never gets old, in fact, it gets better!

Yeah heel toe do si do

Come on baby let’s go boot scootin’

Oh cadillac blackjack baby meet me out back

We’re gonna boogie

Oh, get down, turn around, go to town

Boot scootin’ boogie”

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Don’t you just love the lyrics and the beat? Its fun and we know this video inspires you to try it out too. Don’t be shy!

If you love country music and dancing, then it’s time to check your closet for those nice cowboy costumes that you may have in your home. Then, you can simply follow the steps and start that Boot Scootin’ Boogie dance!

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Source: Dana Feher, Brooks & Dunn, danafeher_kj