6 Cowgirls set the dance floor on fire with smoothest country moves

July 30th, 2020

Before going on stage and performing in front of an audience, dancers need to spend a lot of time perfecting their routine. They need to memorize the steps and make sure that everyone knows what to do when they step on the stage. The process involves a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

A group of young girls delivered a dance number people won’t easily forget.

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Donning red flannel shirts, cowgirl hats, and blue jeans, one would think that six girls would dance to country music. However, when the music started playing, the audience witnessed something different.

The girls danced to techno beats!

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They danced to a montage of various songs. Majority of them were techno beats. Of course, there are parts with a bit of country flare, too. Their playlist included Sideways and Hard Workin’ Man.

Their performance was perfect.

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The girls’ dance number involved different steps and details. They must have spent days or even weeks learning and memorizing them.

Despite how complicated the steps looked, they were able to deliver them seamlessly. In fact, they made the steps look so easy!

Apart from the different beats, the girls showed a wide variety of moves, too.

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At one point, they were dancing in a line. Then, you’d find them running and dancing around in a circle. To add some western vibe to their performance, they also took off their cowboy hats and waved them while dancing.

There was a lot of tapping and swaying. They changed formations several times as well. Despite the complexity of their routine, no one missed a beat.

It shows how well-prepared and highly skilled the girls were. No one can fake that kind of performance.

The girls were full of energy.

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They were smiling throughout the performance, too. Clearly, they were enjoying their dance number.

They looked fit as well. With so many movements, no one stopped to catch their breath. They didn’t even look like they struggled to keep up.

Well, that’s probably because they were enjoying what they’re doing. They picked the right songs, choreographed the best steps for them, and performed the routine with their friends. What could be better than that?

The audience had a good time, too.

Everyone was clearly entertained with the girls’ dance number. They had a hard time taking their eyes off the girls while they were dancing. Well, that’s not surprising. If you were there, you wouldn’t want to miss anything, too.

The video of the girls’ dance number easily went viral.

Nearly 5 million people have watched it. Most of them have nothing but positive things to say to the performers.

One viewer commented:

“Great dance girls! You’re so beautiful too!”

Another one said:

“keep it up you are all amazing i cant stop watching this.”

Of course, there are also people who weren’t impressed with the girls’ playlist. That’s not a really bad thing. People have different opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The girls proved that western-themed dances aren’t boring.

They can be fun to listen and dance to as long as you choose the right beat for you. Plus, the girls also proved that you don’t need really elaborate and expensive costumes for your performance. Even with cowgirl outfits, you can deliver the slickest performance.

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Source: YouTube, See It Live