10 cowgirls show everyone how it's done with 'Cotton Eye Joe' dance

July 8th, 2020

The internet is one of the best places to learn a new dance. It’s a convenient choice since you won’t have to leave your home or enroll in a dance class.

Serge and Lucie Bédard made several line dance routines people could watch on YouTube.

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One of their most famous videos is Cotton Eye Joy. It’s a dance classic that never fails to make people get up and start moving.

The song was a massive hit in 1995. The Rednex released it as a part of their debut studio album. Combining their style with traditional American instruments, they based in on the traditional folk song entitled Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Just like the song, Serge and Lucie Bédard’s dance video was a hit.

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Ten cowgirls performed the line dance. All of them were wearing cowboy hats and boots.

The girls showed awesome group effort.

Nobody hogged the spotlight. All of them knew where they should be and when they needed to start moving.

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They made line dancing look easy.

And it is!

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The dance is actually great for beginners. There are no complicated steps and the directions were super easy to follow.

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In total, there are 32 steps in the dance. Even if you’ve never tried line dancing before, you won’t have any problem following the moves. Don’t feel intimidated by how fast the music is. The dance is beginner-friendly.

The video has over 2 million views.

Most of the people who were able to watch it found the steps really easy.

One viewer commented:

“I love everything about this.”

Another one shared:

“I’m gonna force my friends to learn this dance so we can perform this on online prom.”

Serge and Lucie have other great videos.

They also did Run To The Hills, Down To The Honkytonk, and Love Me Some You.

All of their dance routines are amazing and it’s not surprising. They’ve been dancing for several years already. They’ve even traveled throughout the United States and Quebec to learn the best routines from the best teachers. Dancing is clearly their passion.

If you are having a hard time following Cotton Eye Joe, the duo offers dance classes. You can try getting the courses they offer or you can just try a different video. They have tons of videos on their YouTube channel.

About Line Dance

Line dance is considered as a choreographed dance that involves repeating a sequence of steps. It’s performed by a group of people in one or several rows or lines. They can also dance facing the same direction or each other. Dancers perform the steps in a synchronized manner.

Line dancing is commonly performed in social clubs, ballrooms, dance clubs, and bars. You can also see it during weddings, prom dances, and other similar events.

Line dancing first became popular during the 1970s. However, others argue that the dance finds its root in contemporary disco while some people say it came from historical folk dances.

To people who simply want to try it out for fun, it doesn’t matter when line dancing first reached popularity. The most important thing is that there are many options to learn the dance these days. You’ll see tons of options just by doing a quick search on the internet, particularly YouTube.

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