Couple takes ‘Stand By Me’ to new levels with sweetest dance
With each playful but gentle step, they made me want to watch more!
Dani Halteman

There’s a variety of different outlets where we can use our creative expression to show our emotions or invoke emotions in others rather than just simply using the spoken word. The more we grow and come to experience the more we realize just how true the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words is and even applying to art, and even dance. Whether we are taking photos of the world around us, drawing, or putting our headphones and letting the music flow us whichever way feels right there are so many outlets for expression for us to use and appreciate.

Source: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Two dancers, Joseph Tsosh and Alisa Tsitseronova, at UDC or The Urban Dance Camp, choreographed a beautiful dance that takes the song “Stand by Me” by Ben E King to new levels, and with every gentle step they take, each invokes so many feelings in those who watch.

Source: Youtube

These two dancers are dancing at UDC which is the world’s foremost dance intensive education. The annual international workshop takes place over a span of 3 weeks and offers more than 77 classes for intermediate and advanced dancers. Dance legends, youtube stars, and international choreographers come from all over the world from Europe, Asia, and America to join the line-up each year at UDC. The only restriction is that participants have to be at least 15 years old but otherwise this camp is ideal for any dancer, teacher, or choreographer.

Source: Youtube

Each step choreographed by Josh and Alisa is delicate yet playful. They move beautifully in sync with each other all while simultaneously matching every lyric that is sung in their own unique expression.

Source: Youtube

Each step is filled with focus and determination yet Alisa cannot help but breakthrough with smiles throughout this playful yet elegant dance.

Source: Youtube

As they flawlessly hit their final movement with their arms wrapped around each other and smiling those watching them perform from the side release loud applause and cheers. Even throwing Josh a hat.

Source: Youtube

They take a bow and give each other a big hug as the viewers continue to cheer them on.

Source: Youtube

But as the music continues Alisa cannot help but continue to lip-sync and start to dance around again. Josh soon joins in and the two begin to bop in sync together once more.

Source: Youtube

This dance also won the Josh and Alisa Performance of the Year in 2017 from UDC, and now after watching it we can see why!

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