Cops respond to call on 92-yr-old woman “ice-cold to the touch” without food in sweetest way
Their kindness has made headlines and changed her life for the better. 👮🏽‍♂️👵🏼🥰
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Having neighbors to hang out with, borrow something from, or just generally keep an eye out on things is one of the most cherished but unspoken things of life. Especially, for those who are elderly and living alone.

Having good neighbors is essential because sometimes, unfortunately, their families cannot always be there to take care of them. It’s stories such as this that remind us to be grateful for neighbors that surround not only us but our family members as well.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels
Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

When a family found their elderly neighbor with ice-cold hands wandering around outside, they decided it may be time to call 911.

One day neighbors had to call their local police officers for some assistance after they found their elderly neighbor with no food in her house and her hands were ice cold to the touch.

Ms. Tina is a 92-year-old woman who lives alone in the Houston area. Through old age, Ms. Tina developed dementia and according to this neighbor’s report she is often seen wandering around outside and she sometimes forgets her door is open so she believes she’s locked out.

Marquis Hines via Facebook
Marquis Hines via Facebook

So the police showed up to perform a welfare check for Ms. Tina who is living alone with little to no food in the house and no one to help her.

So when the nervous neighbors found Ms. Tina with ice-cold hands they knew they needed some extra help. So they called Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to come to check on the situation.

Responding to the call were Deputy Marquis Hines and an officer named Nuno Junior.

Deputy Hines writes about what he and his partner found when they responded to the call,

‘We go by and check, she has 2 sons who just forget about her. No food in the fridge, only milk and old lemonade. Only eating a bag of Cheerios, place hasn’t been cleaned recently. All she wanted to know is why her sons don’t bring her food or check on her. She said she just need a couple sandwiches or something to least not be hungry.”

Without hesitation, the officers went to get her groceries, including a rotisserie chicken, some sandwich items that could last up to 2 weeks, some soup, chips, meat, and water. When the officers returned to Ms. Tina with bags full of food, she was in utter disbelief but full of smiles grateful that people cared enough to help her.

But that’s not where the story ends…

Marquis Hines via Facebook
Marquis Hines via Facebook

Deputy Hines decided to take his efforts to help Ms. Tina one step further by starting a fundraiser to help get her the care she needs.

After Deputy Hines posted his initial post on Facebook about responding to the call, the post quickly gained over 160K shares and over 260 likes. As the post quickly went viral Deputy Hines decided to start a fundraiser to help Ms. Tina find a retirement home where she could receive proper care day in and day out.

The fundraiser for Ms. Tina had an even more rapid response than the original post and ended up reaching over the desired goal amount within only a week!

As the posts kept gaining more and more traction Deputy Hines posted to those patiently waiting to hear what happened next on Facebook with an update on Ms. Tina.

The first update clears up that Ms. Tina’s sons have not just abandoned her but have been working to find her a full-time care unit.

Officers had misjudged the situation off of what Ms. Tina had explained to them, however, without taking into account that she is suffering from dementia.

The deputies were quick to find out that both sons are involved as much as they can be in their mother’s life while juggling jobs and children of their own. However, after finding out that sometimes Ms. Tina will forget a meal she just ate a couple of minutes ago Deputy Hines knew he had to say something to clear up the confusion on the internet.

The family also informed the officers that they did in fact have pending transactions with retirement homes that could properly care for her, but nothing was official yet.

Marquis Hines via Facebook
Marquis Hines via Facebook

After a few months go by Deputy Hines posts a final update on Ms. Tina sent from the family.

Hines gave a much-awaited update to all of those following the story. This time the family reached out sending an update that Ms. Tina had officially been accepted into a nursing home!

Now, her family and the neighbors won’t have to worry anymore if she is being properly taken care of.

We are our brothers, sisters, and neighbor’s keepers.

Stories like this both teach and remind us of so many things. Such as keeping a good eye out for our neighbors, as well as reminding us just how big of an impact kindness can have on a person’s life, especially when we all come together.

Luckily for Ms. Tina, Deputy Hines decided to go above and beyond what was required of him and just look at all that he accomplished! Not only is Ms. Tina safe and sound but her family can now rest easier knowing she is getting the proper care, as well as her neighbors and everyone following this story on Facebook.

Marquis Hines via Facebook
Marquis Hines via Facebook

We are happy to know Ms. Tina is safe and sound getting the proper care.

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