Trooper Reunites With Cop Who Delivered Him 27 Years Ago

August 6th, 2018

The universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the things that happen in life seem too meaningful to be a simple coincidence. They say the truth is stranger than fiction and this is definitely one of those times.

This past June, a retired police officer was stopped by a state trooper for a traffic violation.

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The officer, Matthew Bailly, was stopped in the Kingswood Township of New Jersey for having tinted windows on his white BMW. After being pulled over, Bailly started chatting with the Michael Patterson, the trooper who had stopped him.

As the two spoke, Bailly revealed that he had been a police officer in Piscataway, the same place where Patterson had grown up. In an interview with PEOPLE, Patterson said: “We started talking because I’m also from Piscataway.”

“We started talking about guys that we know, different locations that we’re familiar with.”

“Then we started talking about the street I grew up on, Poe Place.”

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Turns out that Bailly was quite familiar with Poe Place. He remembered the location specifically because he had delivered a baby there 27 years earlier.

On the trooper’s body cam footage, you can hear Bailly say: “It was years ago, it was the first baby I’ve delivered was that house, that’s why I always remember the address.” As they continued to talk, Bailly described the house where everything had happened— and Patterson realized it was his own.

“He went as far as describing the house I grew up in… Then he said the baby’s name was Michael.”

Patterson soon realized he was the baby Bailly had delivered 27 years before.

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Back in 1991, the trooper’s mother, Karen Patterson, had unexpectedly gone into labor while she was out shopping. “I was in labor and didn’t realize it,” she recalled. “Before you know it, I’m on the bed and Michael’s head is crowning.” The woman rushed to get home and phone a doctor, but Bailly was the first respondent to arrive on the scene.

When the officer got to Karen, they soon realized the baby wouldn’t wait until they got to the hospital, and Bailly assisted the mother in giving birth while talking to a doctor on the phone. Every year on Patterson’s birthday, his mother would retell the story.

When Patterson realized he had met the man who delivered him as a baby, he immediately extended his hand to thank him.

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“My name is Michael Patterson, sir.”

“Thank you for delivering me.”

Later on, Patterson told his mother about meeting Bailly and arranged from the two parties to meet. “She was completely floored, completely awestruck,” he said of the experience. “It was a good time for every single member of my family, being part of an experience that’s so unlikely. It happens maybe once in a lifetime.”

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Karen added: “We’re definitely going to stay in touch because this is a special relationship.”

“It was meant to happen. Things just don’t randomly happen like that.”

Patterson later described the meeting as a “divine encounter”.

“I definitely think it was purposeful for us to meet back up.”

“I’m going to hold onto this relationship.”

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