Small village comprised of 49 tiny houses gives homeless veterans a safe place to live
Tiny homes = big hopes!
Michael Dabu

Our dear veterans had once put their lives on the line fighting for our liberty. They were deployed to dangerous war zones without the guarantee of coming back alive. For all of their sacrifices, they are definitely heroes and we can’t thank them enough for their service.

Sadly, most of them who made it alive suffer from mental health issues, medical issues, effortless access to healthcare, getting a job, and the most common of them all – homelessness. It is indeed sad to know that after giving their all to the country, they receive less to none in return.

Thankfully, there are countless non-profit organizations that are always ready to help our mighty veterans with everything they need, particularly by providing them with a place they can call “home.”

The Veterans Community Project

Also known as VCP is a non-profit organization located in Kansas City, Missouri founded by Chris Stout, an Army veteran; Kevin Jamison, a Marine veteran; and Mark Solomon, a Navy reservist.

It is a small community that hosts tiny homes that are being offered to veterans who are in need of a safe place to stay. The Veterans Community is situated on 4.9 acres of land and the entire area now resembles a small town that looks so colorful from above.

More than just tiny homes.

Their main goal is not just to give veterans a place where they can stay but more about giving them back their dignity and sense of ownership. The VCP wants to give these then mighty warriors the feeling of having something that they can be once again proud of.

“This isn’t just an opportunity to get a couple of months and then you’re back in an apartment or something like that,” said Wes Williams, director of veterans services at VCP. “This is really an opportunity for you to take a deep breath, exhale, and learn how to dream again.”

Apart from the tiny homes, the VCP also has a community building and an outreach center. There, veterans work hand-in-hand with service providers, and together, they are helping them find jobs, access to health care, and stable housing.

What’s inside these tiny homes?

Everything they need! Tiny as they seem but each house has a television, a cozy bed, a toilet, shower room, a kitchen, and a small living area. There’s no beating around the bush, it’s a straight-up house equipped with everything a person might need.

Another good thing about the VCP is that once a veteran moves out, they are free to bring with them whatever appliances they want. Every time a house gets vacated, it’s refurbished with new appliances for the next occupant. Isn’t that too much? Yes, too much kindness!

A community that’s built from kindness.

As most of you might already know, most veterans have dogs, and inside the community – their furry friends are also welcome! The veterans’ dogs only made the place more fun and welcoming.

Because of the VCP’s mission and vision, a lot of people wanted to be a part of building this beautiful community. In fact, the VCP estimated that 70% of the city was built by them.

There’s nothing but kindness, love, and a sense of community in this place.

When talking about how great it is to be in this community, one veteran said: “I’ve never had anyone do anything for me. I’ve always been the one to do for my family and my friends – but this is incredible…Now how blessed can you be in this life?”

We couldn’t agree more! Hopefully, more people will learn about the VCP and its beautiful cause.

Want to have a virtual tour inside these tiny houses and learn more about the VCP? Then click on the play button below.

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