Man Won't Stop Smoking At Gas Station, Doesn't Realize What's About To Happen
This man was risking a severe fire because he wouldn't stop smoking!
Cedric Jackson

When a customer refused to put out his cigarette at a gas station, this attendant took his job seriously and used a fire extinguisher to put it out.

Most people realize that you are not supposed to smoke or light any sort of flame while at a gas station because of the risk of fire, and an explosion. After all, gas is among the most flammable substances. Even so, some people seem to ignore this piece of common sense and smoke at gas stations anyway, putting themselves and those around them at risk.

In a recent video that went viral, a man started filling up a car without putting out his cigarette.

After some warnings, the gas station attendant put safety first and took action.

Security footage of the gas station in question focuses on two of the pumps that are side by side. The man who pulls into the spot on the left of the screen pulls up and goes about his business as normal.

It is the one who pulls in the right-hand spot that you should keep your eyes on.

The man in question seems to be on the passenger side of the car. As soon as the vehicle pulls up, you can tell, even with the slightly grainy security footage, that he is smoking a cigarette and holding it out the open window.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Despite the car on the left arriving a few seconds before the one on the right, the passenger in the right car is the first to exit. Interestingly enough, the man to watch, the passenger from the car on the right, doesn’t begin pumping right away.

For a few seconds, we can’t tell whether he is still smoking since his hands are behind the auto’s door.

You can see that this man is having a conversation with someone off the screen, to the right of the camera, presumably the gas station attendant.

After the short conversation, and before the man from the other car even gets a chance to start pumping the gas, the attendant walks into the view. He goes behind the car with the smoker and reaches behind the pumps to grab something.

When he comes into view, we see it is a fire extinguisher.

The attendant sets this down on the ground with the man who is smoking looking on. Amazingly enough, the guy at the next pump seems unaware of the entire situation unfolding next to him.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Most likely, the man with the cigarette didn’t believe the attendant would use the fire extinguisher, but he was proven wrong.

This gas station attendant takes the risk of fire seriously and releases the canister on the man’s lower half, putting out the cigarette.

Because the car’s door is open, the car is also most definitely filled with the fire retardant.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The attendant stays just out of the way of the extinguisher’s contents then approaches as they dissipate.

At this point, we wish there was sound on the video, as the gas station attendant seems to have heated words for the smoker.

Another passenger exits the car on the right, pushing some of the extinguisher’s retardants to the side. Soon, another man appears, brushing off his shoes, most likely the driver.

Another man appears on the screen, likely someone else who was present looking to check on the situation. The people who were in the right car are definitely upset about the incident, and near the end of the video, the smoker gets in the face of the attendant, probably with harsh words. Unsurprisingly, the man in the car on the left seems to have no idea what to do once he realizes what is going on.

Observers would probably agree the attendant was in the right.

After all, it is much better to have your car receive the contents of a fire extinguisher then set an entire gas station in flames from smoking.

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By Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson is a contributor at SBLY Media.