The 80’s was a totally different time. We’re talking a little over 3 decades into the past so there were no high tech phones, laptops, and crazy fast internet. Celebrating Christmas meant talking to people and actually spending time with them.

Nowadays, everyone’s still busy with their phones, and relying on social media instead of actually making the effort to visit and greet others. Hence this list of why Christmas in the 80’s was better.

Neighbors Came Over To Visit

There weren’t many “things to do” so there were more visits. Young men and women coming home from school around the holidays would find a neighbor or friend sitting at the kitchen table with their hands wrapped around a mug of coffee.

Guests dropped by unannounced to drop off a jar of jam or a coffee cake or a box of nuts and chocolates. Parents returned the favor by sending them home with a Tupperware container full of homemade cookies or a loaf of bread.

Gestures like those were meaningful. People slowed down to enjoy the very thing the holidays are supposed to make us feel — pure joy. Today, everyone is just in a constant rush.