Young Man’s Version Of “Fly Me To The Moon” Is Perfectly Beautiful

June 18th, 2020

A silky smooth voice is like a moonshot, it only comes along once in a while. When you get a chance to hear that voice, it can put all your systems in line and you’re “go for launch.” And when the voice is singing such a monumental song you experience a rocket ship lift-off for your soul.

“Fly Me to the Moon” garnered a special place in our culture when in the 1960s it became a part of the Apollo Space program that launched the first humans into space. And this young man has made this stellar recording, just in time as a new era of space travel is launched in the United States.

Put on your earbuds and prepare to blast off.

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Chase Eagleson rocketed into a Youtube sensation with his smooth voice and musical talents. He hails from Ohio, and as his Facebook Page says, he’s a musician, audio engineer, photographer, and film enthusiast.

On his Patreon page he says,

“I’ve been dabbling in music for the past 9 years, and never did I think that it would grow into the incredible community I have today.”

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Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me to the Moon” is a jazz standard written in 1954 by Bart Howard. The song made the rounds as numerous recording artists performed the tune. That was before Frank Sinatra teamed up with Count Basie and producer Quincy Jones, to make the version that sticks in most everyone’s mind. The song appeared on Sinatra’s album “It Might as Well Be Swing,” which featured Count Basie and his Orchestra.

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Sinatra’s Version

In the book “Sinatra! The Song is You: A Singer’s Art,” Bart Howard notes that over a hundred versions of the song were recorded before Sinatra laid down his version. Some of the most popular versions were recorded by Peggy Lee, Joe Harnell, Kaye Ballard, and Johnny Mathis, all popular singers and musicians at the time.

“Sinatra! The Song is You” author Will Friedwald says of the Sinatra recording session …

“Jones boosted the tempo and put it into an even four/four … when Sinatra decided to address it with the Basie/Jones combination they recharged it into a straight swinger… [which]…all but explodes with energy.”

And now Chase Eagleson has laid down a version that brings the song to a new generation of folks.

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A Towering Song

The song was awarded a Towering Song by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. That was in 1999, but back in the 1960s the song hit orbital velocity and is now a mainstay, orbiting in our popular culture.

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The song will forever be linked to the Apollo Space Program.

In 1969 NASA successfully landed the first humans on the moon. The song was played on the Apollo 10 Mission as the crew orbited the moon.

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A New Era for Space Travel

On May 30th, 2020, SpaceX launched a Crew Dragon spacecraft which docked to the international space station and delivered two brave astronauts. This marked the first time in nine years, American’s have launched their own mission to space. There has been a lot of talk about returning to the moon, so maybe Chase’s version will capture the hearts and minds of a new Apollo Program back to the moon.

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With over three million views, Youtubers are loving this video and many are commenting about it.

“This song cover + rainy day + a mug of hot chocolate + a thick blanket = perfection.”

“U can tell he LOOOVES singing that song.”

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Chase Eagleson’s stylish version of this famed song will have your spirit soaring around the moon. And make sure to visit his Youtube Channel and go through a wonderful backlog of his own takes on some of today’s most popular songs.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a smooth voice from one of YouTube’s most talented singers.

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