Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Lady From Pit Bulls
When her cat realized she was in danger, she immediately lept in front to save her. What an amazing cat!
Britanie Leclair

In recent years, pit bulls have been surrounded by controversy, even being deemed one of the most dangerous breeds out there.

Now, don’t get me wrong— I’m not against pit bulls whatsoever. But it is interesting to note that a 5-year study examining dog bite injuries found that 51% of the serious attacks were indeed by pit bulls. A longer, 15-year study also confirmed these findings, demonstrating pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds were responsible for the majority of fatal dog attacks that had occurred in the state of Kentucky during this time.

A few years ago, Sophie Thomas, a resident of Harrison, Michigan could have been one of these tragic pit bull tales: the 97-year-old was working in her garden when she found herself face to face with 4 aggressive pit bulls.

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

In the video below, Sophie explains that she had been spending the day tending to her garden, pulling dandelions and other various weeds from the brown soil.

“All of a sudden,” she says, “It was four big pit bulls rushing in, and they surrounded me.”

“They kept going around and around. One of them kind of lunged for me, and I hit him on the head and he back off.”

“Then another one kind of come up, and I was scared stiff.”

Luckily, the lunging pit bull had only grazed Sophie, but the senior still didn’t know how she would escape.

But that’s when she saw her cat, Tiger.

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

Sensing the danger, Tiger decided to distract the dogs in order to save Sophie.

As she’s surrounded, Tiger jumps right into the middle of the commotion. She then bolts towards the garage, leading the angry dogs away from her elderly mama.

Sophie tells People Pets (via Pawnation), “I do not know what would have happened if my cat hadn’t jumped in. She’s very close to me and follows me around. She’s very friendly with me, because I live alone.”

Sophie wasn’t sure if Tiger would survive the encounter with the angry pit bulls. But after the senior went inside to hide from the dogs, the heroic little kitty showed up at the door.

It turns out the pit bulls live in a neighboring house. Ann Daniels, the dogs’ owner, says they are “friendly”.

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

“My son didn’t shut his bedroom door, and they went out of the window. I felt horrible,” she says.

Ann was fined $300 for letting the dogs escape, and the pups were also quarantined for 10 days.

Sophie says, “I always thank God that my cat came. Because she was the one that really helped me out.”

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By Britanie Leclair
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Britanie Leclair is a contributing writer and editor at Shareably. She is based in Northern Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at [email protected]