Bruce Willis finds love after 57 years proving love can happen anytime

October 21st, 2020

Love makes the world go round.

Bruce Willis is an American icon, the definition of a movie star, and a household name.

You’ve probably seen some of his movies!

He’s starred in classics such as Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, and The Sixth Sense. He even teamed up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the sci-fi Looper.

Although he’s achieved incredible financial and artistic success, his love life’s been riddled with peaks and valleys.

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We all love a good love story.

In 1987, Bruce Willis married Demi Moore.

Their love persisted for over a decade, yielding three beautiful girls.

The superstar actors made an iconic, powerhouse couple.

Things were good for a while.

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Despite public smiles, their marriage was riddled with problems, resulting in an amicable divorce in 2000.

Some things fall apart.

Eventually, people find out whether they’re truly compatible or not. It doesn’t always work out, but that’s usually for the better.

As long as you cherish the times you have, there doesn’t have to be any regrets!

Past relationships are great learning experiences. Remember the good times.

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Bruce took some time off before finding his next temporary attraction, manifesting in a short-lived engagement in 2004.

Love had abandoned Bruce.

Do you believe in life after love? Cher does.

It took some time, but now, Bruce does, too.

Soon enough, he met Emma, the love of his life.

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Love always finds a way.

“I spent the last 10 years single and, for the most part, unhappy. In a dark place. I never thought that being with someone else was the answer. I would say, ‘I’m alone, but I’m not lonely.’ But I was just kidding myself.”

Everything changed when he met Emma.

After years of dormancy, Bruce’s love buds blossomed once again.

The caption says it all.

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I love him ❤️

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They were meant for each other.

The adorable duo soon welcomed two new girls into the world, Mabel and Evelyn.

Bruce has never been happier. Neither has Emma. It’s like they were meant to be!

Never count yourself out. Bruce didn’t! Now, he’s happier than ever.

Sometimes things simply don’t work out. But every now and then, things work out perfectly.

What a beautiful family!

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Life’s an absolute pleasure with Emma around. Bruce’s simple words say so much.

“I don’t ever want to be away from her.”

That sounds like true love.

Bruce’s heart is set. Emma’s given him a new breathe of life.

Now, they’re happily married, surrounded by a litter of loved ones.

Anyway, what do you think of Bruce’s journey? What’s your favorite Bruce Willis film? Have you seen Die Hard? Surely you’ve seen Pulp Fiction. They’re both masterpieces in their own right!

Like most people, Bruce’s love life has had its ups and downs. After abandoning love altogether, he found his soulmate at age 57!

Take it from Bruce – never give up searching for that special someone. It could change your life!

Need some more Bruce Willis? Check out his hundred greatest movie moments in the video player below!

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