Boy Walks 3 Miles To School In Brutal Cold To Take Exam – His Living Conditions Are Even Worse

February 13th, 2018

On test day, most kids would play pretend sick for a chance to delay the inevitable. Not for this 10-year-old Chinese boy. A final exam coupled with walking in horrific snow storm weather conditions did not stop this determined boy from attending school.

He showed up to class with his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes frozen into frosty icicles and dark cherry red patches scorched on his cheeks. According to Yahoo, the internet nicknamed him “Ice boy.”

The 10-year-old “Ice boy” from China trekked 4.8 kilometers in temperatures well below freezing to take a final exam for school.

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It was the first day of final exams at Zhuanshanbao Primary School in Yunnan Province, China. From his home to school, the brave boy beared the bone-chilling weather by walking approximately 3 miles in 16°F (-9°C) temperatures.

Fu Heng, the headmaster of the primary school, was shocked to find that the boy had endured such harsh conditions.

“The temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees celsius in about 30 minutes that morning,” Headmaster Heng explained to Yahoo.

Despite the heartbreaking adversities, the boy happily showed up to take his final exam.

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He’s known as the class clown, constantly cracking jokes to help his 16 classmates cultivate a more positive outlook.

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The bright young boy lives in a ramshackled home with his older sister and grandma.

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After the headmaster posted photos online of the ten-year-old boy’s harsh reality, his story went viral. People were inspired by the young boy’s resilience and grit to pursue his education. As a result, a generous sum of money, clothes and equipment donations came flooding in.

Since then, the school received more than $15,000 in donations, 20 heating equipment and 144 warm set of clothes, reported by Bored Panda.

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We hope that the donations will help the little boy and his classmates build a better life for themselves through education.

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