Boy walks nearly 2,000 miles to give his grandma a hug
"As we got closer I just kept thinking about seeing my Granny and how excited I was."
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They say anybody can go the extra mile for the people they love.

But can you go more than a thousand miles farther for them?

An 11-year-old boy and his father literally walked the extra mile—nearly 2,000 of them—to see their beloved grandmom in the midst of the pandemic.

The journey was not simple, and definitely not an easy task, but they managed to make it from Sicily to London to be with the person they love.

Meet Romeo Cox from Palermo, Italy who walked for 1,700 miles with his father, 46-year-old Phil, who guided him as he hiked, trekked, rode a donkey, sailed a boat, and walked some more all throughout Sicily, Switzerland, France, and finally into London to be with Rosemary, their 77-year-old grandmother, and give her a warm and special hug.

It took 93 days and nearly a couple of thousand miles for Romeo and Phil to achieve their goal.

The father and son duo braved mountains and waters to get to London.

It was not a simple trek at all.

They hiked over mountains and even fought off a pack of wild dogs as they went by.

They also had to tame a wild donkey that Romeo eventually rode on as he continued his goal of going back home to give his Nana a special lockdown hug.

It was an epic journey that both the boy and his Dad will never forget.

The pair also had to ride on a boat and slept anywhere they can rest after a whole day of traveling by foot.

Romeo and Phil brought their stuff as they walked non-stop, only ceasing to sleep.

The world was their bedroom as they slept from hostels along the way to napping in churches or catching some Z’s while watching the stars in the night sky.

After three grueling months of hopping from one country to another, the pair eventually reached their destination in London.

Romeo and Phil left Italy in June and reached Trafalgar Square in September.

It was a journey filled with unforgettable adventures and lots of moments where both of them bonded and made their connection as father and son deeper.

The young man arrived in London but he had to isolate himself for some time before getting that warm hug he longed for. After patiently waiting, Romeo finally met his beloved grandma and received that much-deserved lockdown hug that only his Nana can give.

Romeo shared how they got lost along the way, but they never once gave up.

The young boy could only think about the excitement he would feel as he got nearer and nearer his destination.

“We got lost a few times. We slept under a wasp nest which wasn’t a good idea, got bloody feet, but we never thought about giving up,” Romeo recalled. “As we got closer I just kept thinking about seeing my Granny, and how excited I was. I can’t wait to give her a cuddle, it’s been over a year since I last saw her. She was all alone during lockdown. I grew up in the best street in the world. Southborough Road! It is always home for me and my neighbours are like family.

What an achievement, right?

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