Little Boy Sings To Bullied Girl At School

September 19th, 2018

Moving to a new town can be an exciting adventure for kids. Getting to experience new people and places is part of what makes growing up and exploring the world so much fun.

However, it can also be difficult.

Making friends isn’t always easy, especially when kids already have their little groups all figured out. When someone new comes to town, kids can be incredibly cruel.

When one family made a move to El Paso, Texas, their little girl ran into some trouble making new friends at her new school.

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While she was sweet and friendly with everyone, she didn’t get the reaction that she’d hoped for.

Instead of receiving a warm southern welcome from her new Texan classmates, this little girl found herself on the tail end of some bullying.

A lot of folks dismiss bullying as a normal childhood behavior or something that gives kids a tougher skin and the ability to handle their emotions.

However, bullying is a lot more destructive than it seems. It can deeply damage a person’s mental state and sense of self-worth. In fact, 20% of high school students say they have seriously considered suicide within the last 12 months.

Adults and teachers need to take note and check in with kids to make sure that they’re doing alright with their classmates. 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied, while only 16% of staff believes that students are bullied.

This little girl is lucky, though, to have one amazing friend who will be there for her no matter what.

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In a grand gesture to make her feel better, this boy decided to sing his new friend a song.

With Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me” playing from his mom’s car parked behind him, the little boy stands in front of his bestie and shows her his heart.

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You can really see the emotion on his face as he sings. His song choice is also so sweet, with the opening lyrics going,

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I’ll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see,
I’ll be the light to guide you”

When the camera pans out to show the recipient of this lovely gift, you can see the joy in her smile. At some moments, you can even see her singing along a little bit, too.

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Make sure that you wait until the end of the video to see what happens when the song is over. You can tell that these two are going to be friends for a long time and that they’re going to help each other overcome a lot in their days together.

All you need is one very good friend to get you through the tough times and to make the good times even better. Who needs bullies in their life, anyway? With a friendship like this one, there’s no need to make a whole bunch of friends that don’t love you for who you are.

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Best friend was feeling down and this just happened.

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