6th grader signed his own yearbook telling himself to 'make more friends' after students refused to sign in
The 12-year-old had been struggling to make friends...but he had no idea he was about to have the best year yet.
Elijah Chan

The end of the school year marks a milestone for our siblings and kids.

At this point in their lives, they get to review how much they’ve grown, learned, and connected. As one yearbook gets passed to another for signatures, a young kid realized something truly heartbreaking.

Little did he know, his pain will be one of the most memorable moments in his life.

When Cassandra Ridder picked her son up, she noticed something was off.

She noticed that Brody, her son, wasn’t his usual sprightly self. He was quiet at that time and she said that he just wanted to listen to music.

Earlier that day, Cassandra received an e-mail that the yearbook will be returned to the students that day. Knowing its significance, Cassandra asked about it to lighten up the mood.

Instead of smiles and laughter, Brody’s tears erupted.

He shared with his mom the painful truth. While other kids succeeded in making friends or being a part of the club, Brody said that no one would even sign his yearbook.

As a parent, it pains to see your child not make the connection he wants to especially when you know that your child is good and sincere.

She shared with TODAY that while some students did leave their names, no one, or at least a couple, left messages for him.

When she saw the yearbook, her heart sank.

In all of the messages, one stuck out to her. It was a note saying “I hope you make some more friends.” It was written by Brody for himself.

Facebook - Cassandra Cooper
Facebook - Cassandra Cooper

She shared a photo of her son’s yearbook page on Facebook. In the caption, she said that only a total of two students and two teachers wrote in his yearbook. She said that her heart was “shattered” and reminded people to teach their kids kindness.

After her post went viral, support came in from all places.

The day after she posted the yearbook, she said she received a text from her son. What she saw next warmed her heart.

He had pictures and messages from eighth to eleventh graders. From writing a message for himself, he now has messages from different people wishing him well and encouraging him.

He also said that even the kids who had previously refused to write in his yearbook wanted to sign on his.

It will only get better from there.

As her mother’s post became viral, people from all over the world extended their love and support for Brody.

Antman star Paul Rudd even sent him a letter and a signed Antman helmet. In a hand-written letter, he said that “It’s important to remember that even when life is tough that things get better,”

The cast of Dear Evan Hansen even sent him a video greeting. In the caption, they said that they wanted to sign his yearbook and invited him to see the play on Broadway.

Brody’s story is a reminder that little things do matter. And through our simple act of writing our appreciation, we make someone feel loved and accepted.

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