From the animated films of our childhoods to the fast-paced action flicks that we love to enjoy, there’s no shortage of awesome movies from Hollywood. However, despite being the home to some of the biggest studios, not every movie made is set out be a blockbuster.

Making a movie isn’t cheap, but producers always hope that their work is going to be the next big hit. As for these movies, let’s just say they lost money for their respective studios. A lot of money. Like millions.

Titan A.E – loss of $100 million

20th Century Fox has a reputation for producing some of the biggest blockbusters of our time. No wonder critics were surprised when Titan A.E., which came out in 2000, flopped.

The film had an all-star cast, including Drew Barrymore and Matt Damon. The animated adventure was expected to be one of the highest grossing films of that year, but despite its $90 million production budget and a huge marketing budget, the film grossed just $37 million, losing over $100 million so far.