Formerly Blind Dog Sees After Surgery
I can't stop smiling while watching this dog! It warms my heart that he can see again.
Arianna Etemadieh

The gift of sight is one sometimes taken for granted.

For example, how would you describe the color red to someone who can’t see? How would you describe flowers, the sky or the ocean?

However, there is some hope. Some people suffering from blindness can recover their sight if they qualify for eye surgery.

Even better, it’s not just people who can recover their sight – animals can do!

One lucky Irish Terrier got to experience getting his sight back, and his ecstatic reaction says it all.


Duffy, a lovable Irish Terrier and rescue dog, has had many struggles with his health. He developed diabetes, and at one point lost his eyesight due to the illness.

His diabetes became stabilized with the help of medication, but Duffy wasn’t the same without his sight. I can only imagine how he must have felt, from being able to see his beloved family one day to not being able to see anything, let alone their faces, at all.

Thankfully, Duffy qualified for an eye surgery that would be able to restore his sight. It was great news for this very good boy.

Duffy’s family didn’t hesitate to sign Duffy up for the surgery. His treatment and surgery took place at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The video below shows Duffy coming out of surgery and seeing his parents for the first time in months.


As Duffy’s tail wags a thousand miles per hour, you can see how truly happy and excited he is to see his family again for the first time in months.

In fact, he’s so excited that he even starts making little high-pitched cries – his own way of showing tears of joy. It is truly so heartwarming and touching to see.

Dr. Kevin Kumrow was the veterinarian who regulated Duffy’s diabetes, and once he was stable for surgery, Dr. Brady Beale operated on him.

Together, the two doctors gave this dog another chance to live a happy and fulfilled life, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pup.

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