They say that fashions come and go and even repeat themselves. That seems to be true for the most part! Retro fashions are all the rage right now, with throwbacks to the 90s, 80s, 60s, 40s, and even the 1920s.

If you’ve ever looked through your parents’ old pictures, you’ve probably poked fun at them, asking, “What on earth were you thinking?” We look back at their big hair, flashy colors, and tall shoes and wonder how anyone thought those styles looked good. The simple truth is that one day, our kids will be doing the same thing to us.

Of course, some beauty trends live on in infamy because they’re just so weird. To this day, we laugh about the beehive hairdos of the 60s, bellbottoms of the 70s, and the flashy colors of the 80s. We might forget that at some point, we’ll be looking back on current trends and asking the same question: “What on earth were we thinking?”

There are some weird beauty trends these days. The late 2010s are all about eyebrows and nails but we’ve gotten just a little too enthusiastic with both.

Here’s a list of 50 of the most bizarre beauty trends you won’t even believe are real.