Daughter Wraps Herself As A Birthday Present And Gives Stepdad Adoption Papers

May 15th, 2017

A loving 35-year-old husband from Grady County, Oklahoma celebrated his birthday with a party including balloons and presents, but he didn’t expect his stepdaughter to bring him the best present he could ever hope for.

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The 12-year-old Jamylyn adores and looks up to her stepdad. Ever since she was just four years old, the man raised her as if she was his own daughter. Jamylyn’s mom and her husband raised her, and the biological father simply wasn’t in her life for the vast majority of Jamylyn’s childhood.

Recently, her biological father signed the necessary documents to transfer parenthood via adoption. The husband and stepdad had no idea that the necessary paperwork was finally filled – as the family has been talking about the stepdad adopting Jamylyn officially for a while. Jamylyn herself absolutely wanted him to adopt her.

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Jamylyn teamed up with mom and arranged for the surprise at her stepdad’s birthday party.

“We went to my parents house, he knew we were having a birthday get together, but not that he was getting a big surprise.”

When the man opens up a large present, he finds none other than Jamylyn inside. Although the box was fairly large, the present she hands him is an envelope with the adoption paperwork accompanied by the question: “Will you adopt me?”.

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Immediately, the man is emotionally overwhelmed and brought to tears – and according to Jamylyn’s wife, that’s not something that occurs often as he’s not the crying type.

“I wonder who got the best present there,” someone said in the video.

The man then gives Jamylyn a very big and loving hug – he truly couldn’t have received a better birthday gift.

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Source: Newsflare