Expert DIYer shares the best way to whiten dirty pillows. Here's what you need to know

April 26th, 2017

Everyone regularly washes their sheets and pillow cases but rarely do they wash their pillows. Which is unfortunate because they are absolutely filthy and disgusting.

Aside from drool and head and neck sweat, our pillows are filled with bugs, dead skin, and feces. Yup… feces.

According to Dow, 1/3 of our pillow’s weight consists of skin cells, dust mites, and dust mite poop, which can wreak havoc on a good night’s sleep for those with allergies.

These are dust mites, the kind that is living in your pillow right now.

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But don’t freak out! Before you go tossing out all your pillows in horror, check out these easy ways to wash your pillows at home without turning them into a lumpy mess.

Cotton, Down, and Synthetic Pillows

Step 1.) Most pillows can be washed in a machine but you’ll want to check the tags on your pillows to be sure. First, check your the

Step 2.) Toss your pillow in the washing machine without its pillow case. It is best to put two pillows in at once so that your washer is balanced.

Step 3.) Add your detergent as you would normally and start the cycle with warm water on the gentle setting (if your pillow tag says otherwise, follow their instructions)

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Step 4.) Next, take your pillows out of the washing machine and put them into the dryer on low heat.

Step 5.) Make sure to fluff and turn your pillows every so often during the drying cycle. You can also add softner sheets and two to three tennis balls to keep your pillows soft and fluffy.

The method for cleaning foam pillows is only slightly different.

Foam Pillows

Step 1.) Fit two foam pillows into your washing machine without their cases. Again, putting in two will balance your washing machine.

Step 2.) Pour in a gentle detergent and set your machine on the delicate cycle. Let your machine run for several minutes then turn on the spin cycle. After a few minutes, check to see if they are still soaking wet. If so, leave them on the spin cycle and check on them periodically. You can take them out when they are slightly damp but not soaked.

Step 3.) Take our your pillows and toss them into the dryer on the lowest heat setting you have.

Step 4.) Add in dryer sheets and two or three tennis balls. Check your pillow every so often and take them out once they are dry.

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If your pillow is gross enough… you just might have to toss it out. If it is covered in stains that won’t come out or makes your neck or back sore than it’s time for them to go. It is recommended that you replace your pillow every few years. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to toss them, answer the following questions:

  • Is your pillow lumpy?
  • Does it have to be frequently punched or fluffed?
  • If you fold it in half, does it stay folded?

If the answer is yes then have fun shopping for new pillows! You can find a guide for shopping for the perfect pillow here.

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