Since the introduction of the kinetoscope in the early 1890s, the movie industry has come a long way. This device allowed people to view moving pictures and was later followed by the invention of the Cinematographe in the mid-1890s. The Cinematographe combined a camera, projector, and film printer in a single gadget.

Today, there are numerous ways to enjoy films, whether through Netflix, drive-in cinemas, or traditional movie theaters. With such a vast selection of movies available, choosing one can sometimes be overwhelming.

Here are some of the best of the best.

The Wild Bunch

In the late 1960s, cowboy movies were extremely popular, and among them, “The Wild Bunch” stood out.

The film revolves around Pike Bishop, considered the most formidable cowboy in history, who intends to retire after one last grand robbery.

As typical of cowboy tales, the movie features intense shootouts and violence, a characteristic that garnered significant criticism.