I tried the best DIY lash extension brands – Here are the results
Here are the best lash extension brands, tested and reviewed.
Jenny Brown

There are so many options today when it comes to DIY lashes. Whether you’re looking for time-reduced in appointments or more affordable lashes, DIY lash extensions have become the saving grace for so many people in the last few years. But that doesn’t mean that they have always given comparable results to lash extensions done by a professional. It has taken years for some great contenders to come onto the market.

I have been using DIY lash extensions for about a year but never felt like I could find exactly what I wanted. Whether it was lash style or longevity that was the problem, I was never fully happy with the lashes I was using. That led me to try some of the most popular DIY lash extensions available. For me, the clear winner was Noon Lash. The look, longevity, application, and value scored best overall, and I’m now in love with my DIY lashes! I’ve graded each lash brand by different categories and listed my recommendations in order. Let’s take a look.

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Look and Feel – 10/10
Glue/Longevity – 9/10
Ease of Application -10/10
Additional Products – 10/10
Value – 9/10
Overall – 9.6/10

I was so incredibly shocked at how great these lashes were. They were the first ones I tried, and genuinely didn’t know if I would try anything better. To be honest, I was expecting Lashify to be at the top of my list because of their price point and how often I see advertisements and review videos. But Noonlash surpassed Lashify and all of the other brands.

Noonlash uses Korean beauty technology to make ultra-light lashes that offer a salon-quality look. I love that Noon Lashes are super customizable. I got the Noon-style starter kit, which comes with three different lengths of lashes: 14mm, 12mm, and 10mm. Although Noon Lashes does offer sets of lashes, I personally think it’s important to get the individual lash segments. Each person has a different eye shape, which requires a different lash style. When you have different length lash segments, you can create the lash look that suits you best. I have almond-shaped eyes, so a cat eye is the most appealing look for me. I was able to create that easily with the Noon Lashes.

The lashes looked beautiful, natural, and high quality. I also didn’t have any issues with comfort (for all I knew, they weren’t even there)! I regularly got 4-5 days of lash wear out of these. Although they are advertised to last 5-7 days, I’m usually quite rough on my lashes and will always end up on the shorter side of the ranges given for lash wear. They were also incredibly easy to apply, I actually couldn’t believe it. I didn’t run into any issues when applying and was able to get them on super quickly. I’ve been able to apply them in about 10 minutes on a regular basis.

In the starter kit, you’ll also get a lash remover. Through this process, I’ve learned how incredibly important it is to have a remover for many of the glues. I loved the Noon Lash remover, it was packaged like mascara with a plastic brush to apply and rub off the glue. During this process, I often used the lash remover from Noon for other lash brands.

What makes these lashes even better is their price point. They sell the starter kit for $75, which feels like a lot if you’re new to DIY lashes, but I promise it will be worth it. The refill segment kits are a great price at $28, or a lash set for $12. In the segment kits, you can get about three sets of lashes. So, using each set twice, you’d have lashes for about a month or more for just $28! That certainly beats the $100-$200 cost of professional lashes.


Look and Feel – 8/10
Glue/Longevity – 7/10
Ease of Application -8/10
Additional Products – 7/10
Value – 8/10
Overall – 7.6/10

Lilac St. definitely has something good going for themselves. To start off, their lashes are beautiful. They look great in the box, and they also look great on the eye. The application went fairly smoothly, but the applicator for the sealer wasn’t very good and made it a tad difficult to use. I was able to get my average 4-5 day use out of these. But, their biggest downfall is the lack of variety. They only come in sets of lashes, and each set has only one length of segments. For example, if you get the Daydream lashes, you’ll get enough segments for each eye, but all of the segments will be the length that you choose, whether 8mm or 18mm. This means that if you want to customize your lash style, you’ll have to purchase multiple sets of lashes at different lengths.

As far as additional products, their remover works about the same as the others, but I loved the applicator. It had a little brush to comb through the lashes to remove the glue more easily. I’d say the value of these is pretty good, to customize your lashes, you’d need to purchase three length sets, which would be $33. This gets you three sets of lashes, so you’d need to re-wear to keep your cost down.


Look and Feel – 10/10
Glue/Longevity – 6/10
Ease of Application -8/10
Additional Products – 9/10
Value – 4/10
Overall – 7.4/10

I was actually pretty bummed with my overall rating of Lashify. With all the hype they’ve gotten over the years, I was sure these would be at the top of my list. Well, to my surprise, they actually do not seem worth the money at all. But let’s start at the beginning with look and feel.

I would say these are right up there with Noon Lash, getting a 10/10. They are very lightweight and look beautiful. I struggled a bit with getting them to last. On my first try, they only lasted two days, so after searching through their website, I found they say to use a different application technique for longer wear.

And that brings me to the application. The application is not hard, but following their directions is tedious and over-complicated. Overall, this meant it took much longer to apply these lashes. As far as additional products, I loved their remover. It felt like it melted the glue away, but I didn’t like having to apply it with a cotton pad, as it is liquid in a bottle. I also noticed I lost a ton of my natural lashes when using the remover.

Lastly, these lashes are outrageously expensive and left me wondering why. Yes, they come in pretty packaging and have lots of printouts, but the lashes literally fell apart and broke in half while they were being removed. They are beautiful but not at all durable, and definitely not worth what they are charging for them. You have to purchase each lash length separately for $25, which is $75 to get three lengths to create a custom look. This $75 will get you three full lash sets, but they likely won’t be reusable as they are so fragile.


Look and Feel – 8/10
Glue/Longevity – 7/10
Ease of Application -5/10
Additional Products – 5/10
Value – 9/10
Overall – 6.8/10

This is kind of heartbreaking for me as these are the lashes that started my DIY lash journey. I had been using Flutter Habit for a year but was never happy with the lash styles and the decline in quality over time. I genuinely believe these are beautiful lashes, but they just don’t offer a style that fits my eyes well and gives me the desired look I want.

Regarding lash wear, you can get 5-7 days out of these. They offer a different type of glue than any of the other brands, which I think helps with their longevity. Their glue comes in a squeeze bottle that is applied to the fake lashes rather than your natural lashes. But, a huge downfall with their glue is that it dries at the opening of the bottle, which sadly leads to a huge waste of glue when it explodes, trying to get it out of the bottle. It can also ruin the lashes if it explodes while applying the glue to the lash, as the directions direct you to. After some time, I learned it was best practice to put the glue onto a surface and dip the lashes into it. Also, it’s important to note I only liked the look of Flutter Habit because I used the black lash glue. The lashes have a very thick band, and with clear glue, the band is very visible.

As far as ease of application, these are definitely some of the more difficult to apply and have a learning curve due to the type of glue being used. They also scored lower in additional products because I really disliked the remover. There’s no good way to apply it, which unfortunately makes it easy to get into the eye, and then it burns. But they offer lashes at a great value. You can get 6 sets of lashes for $30 or $25 if you subscribe to a monthly shipment (which can be skipped).


Look and Feel – 6/10
Glue/Longevity – 7/10
Ease of Application – 8/10
Additional Products – 6/10
Value – 6/10
Overall – 6.6/10

I had heard so many positive and negative reviews about Falscara, so I was definitely interested in trying them. My overall thoughts about these lashes are that they are cheap, and you definitely get what you pay for. But I think they might deserve a second chance. I say this because I think most of my problems with these were caused by the lash style.

When you purchase Falscara in-store, you’re limited to the styles they have available, but if you purchase online, they have many different styles (although a handful of them were sold out when I looked). I tried the Petite Volume Wisps. They don’t show the length in millimeters, just small through large. But since they were petite, I figured they were shorter than other styles, especially since the small and medium lengths were about the same length as my real lashes. They also had very little curl, which made them look unnatural and fake to me. They advertise 10-day wear, which is very silly. That seems like a hard ask for a DIY lash, and I didn’t get more than 4 days.

Thankfully, the application was very easy. You do have to be a little more careful, though, as the glue is black. So, if you get it on your eyelids, it will require more cleanup. For additional products, they offer primer, remover, and a product for longer wear called Overnighter. The overnighter is the product meant to be used to get you to 10 days, but I got the same wear with or without Overnighter. And although you can get these lashes for super cheap, $8 for a pack of 24 segments, I’m not sure it’s worth your time.


Look and Feel – 7/10
Glue/Longevity – 5/10
Ease of Application – 3/10
Additional Products – 6/10
Value – 4/10
Overall – 5/10

I’ve got to be honest, these lashes were a nightmare, which is unfortunate because they actually are very pretty lashes. I gave them a 7/10 because they looked great once applied. I would’ve scored them an 8, but they only came in segments of three, which made them look a bit unnatural. It also made them uncomfortable on the eye as they didn’t mold to the shape of my eye. It’s best if you cut the segments into smaller sections.

The glue and the packaging are what mostly made these lashes a nightmare. I could not get these lashes out of the box for the life of me! The adhesive was so strong that the lashes were tearing from how hard I was having to pull to get them off. As for the glue, it is not user-friendly. It dries very quickly, which means you can’t make mistakes, and it’s black, which means you might have a mess to clean up if you’re not careful. Typically, with glue like some of the other brands, there is a little bit of flex in the glue before it sets so that you can adjust the lash to your liking. Well, not with these. Once they’re on, they’re not going anywhere unless you tug hard (which is not good for your natural lash) or use the remover.

The sealer also didn’t do a good job. The sealer helps set the glue and keeps it from being sticky. No matter how much sealer I applied, the lashes kept sticking to my eyelids, especially after a night of sleep. As for the remover, it did a good job getting the lashes to release, but it did not work well at all to get the glue off your natural lash. I gave Glamnetic a 4/10 for value because it’s a little too expensive for how difficult they were to handle. You can purchase a set of 4 lashes for $25.


Look and Feel – 4/10
Glue/Longevity – 3/10
Ease of Application – 8/10
Additional Products – 5/10
Value – 3/10
Overall – 4.6/10

These lashes come in last place, and I’m just going to go ahead and say that I’m not sure these lashes are worth your time. They are very wispy, which I guess is good if you like that look! But it’s not the kind of wispy you’ll get in the salon. It’s the kind of wispy that makes the lashes look very low quality. As far as comfort, they were lightweight, so they had that going for them. The glue received a low score because the first time I tried these lashes, they didn’t even last through the first night. The second application only lasted for two days. I’m not sure how long they’re actually expected to last as they just say “multi-day wear” on the packaging and website.

Thankfully, the application was very easy! I did notice, however, that they don’t have sealer like all of the other brands, which is why I scored additional products lower. I also gave them a low score on value because they are pretty expensive for what they are. The starter kit is $38 and comes with adhesive, an application tool, and two sets of lashes. The refills cost $30 and get you about 3 sets of lashes. This price would be fine if you were actually getting quality lashes, but I’m afraid to say that you aren’t.

This article was written in partnership with Noonlash.