Woman takes bathroom from conventional to fabulous on a budget

April 2nd, 2020

How many times have you wanted to update your bathroom?

We’ve all been there. We look around at the torn up caulking around our showers, or the not-so-pretty faucets in our bathrooms and think about upgrading, even just a bit.

How many times were you scared off by the pricetag?

It’s no secret that bathrooms aren’t exactly cheap to renovate… Or so we thought.

Kristen McGowan shows us there’s nothing to be afraid of in her video where she completely transforms her parents’ bathroom on a budget!

Spoiler alert: She actually gets it all done under a $400 budget.

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Above is essentially the “before shot” of the bathroom, before Kristen gets started.

She mentions it’s a nineties bathroom that hasn’t seen any love in around twenty-five years. It just feels a bit dated and worn down! The grout between the tiles is beginning to brown, and things don’t match as well as they once did.

Kristen’s first step is to paint the walls.

She goes for a nice bright white to give the bathroom a fresh, clean look. She talks about how hard it is to paint a bathroom in comparison to a bedroom or living room because there are so many things you have to paint around and little corners to fit into. So don’t worry, everyone struggles with it!

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She does the same white for the trim to give the room a nice, seamless look. “Seamless” is her methodology for a lot of the video as she tries (and succeeds fabulously) to create a single, coherent look in the bathroom!

Her next task is upgrading the vanity cupboards.

She says she stayed up an entire night just looking at and comparing all the different colour pallettes she picked up at home depot on the cupboards. Note that this is not a required part of the job!

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But her hard work pays off when she lands on the perfect colour for the bathroom.

She lands on a nice mountain pine teal that gives a really nice classy look to the bathroom, and compliments the bright white really well.

Along with refreshing the paint job, Kristen also changes out the handles on the cupboards, giving them a much more modern feel.

She uses handles that have a nice, stainless steel, scandinavian look.

Better yet, the handles are bought at a fantastic price, getting multiple of each for around $13!

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For the countertop, Kristen uses a $30 roll of contact paper with a marble pattern.

It is ridiculously easy to apply and take off (in case you ever decide you want to use something else) and gives a great, luxury look to the bathroom. You really can’t go wrong with it at that price. You could pretty well have a new countertop every year if you wanted!

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After painting the door a nice complimentary sage grey colour,

she replaces the doorknob with a similar look to the cupboard handles. This continues to keep a feeling of consistency in the bathroom.

Her last major step is renewing the look of the tile flooring.

She finds these great stick on floor tiles, a really low-cost solution to full on replacing the existing tile with something more expensive. She admits she’s experimenting a bit with these tiles as she has never used them before, but when they’re so easy to apply and remove, why not give them a shot?

And she couldn’t be happier with the result.

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The tiles actually knock down two birds with one stone, as they simultaneously give a new look to the flooring, and cover up the old browned grout between the tiles.

Kristen suggests using caulking around the room to, again, create that seamless look. She uses it to connect the tiles to the trim and bathtub, the trim to the wall, the sinks to the new countertop.

Kristen gets this all done in about 6 days!

And the sixth day is spent on the smaller touches. Replacing the toiletries in the bathroom, placing the hand towels and bath mats, and replacing the shower curtain.

The outcome is unbelievable.

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It’s bright, it’s new, it’s fresh! It look incredible!

Kristen perfectly demonstrates just how easy it is to keep your bathroom new and exciting looking with a good budget and the drive to put the time and effort in!

All for $396.72!

Watch the video below for a more in depth look and description from Kristen!

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