This Is Why Aunts Are Important For Every Child

May 14th, 2019

Anyone who is an aunt strives to become their niece or nephew’s favorite relative. Luckily, everything is stacked in their favor. This is why being an aunt is the best thing in the world:

Aunts have all the positives of being a parent with none of the negatives.

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They get to watch the young ones grow up, play with them and go on tons of fun adventures with them. But they barely experience the nighttime squealing, the fights and the teenage anger.

That relationship results in something that children will cherish throughout their lives. Just think, do you have a favorite aunt?

What exactly is it that makes your own favorite aunt so great?

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Is it the fact that you feel like you can talk to them about anything? The fact that they always bought you the best presents? The fact that they made fun of mom and dad just as much as you did growing up?

These are all fine reasons, but there are many more.

Perhaps the most important reason why aunts are so vital is that in many families, they do so much of the babysitting in a child’s early years.

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Aunts tend to be willing to look after the children much more frequently than any other family member. They have more stamina than grandparents, after all!

And for most kids, staying with an aunt is like staying with a friend. Staying with grandma and grandpa is… staying with grandma and grandpa. That isn’t to say that it isn’t fun to stay with them. But they don’t have the same friendliness that most aunts have with their nieces and nephews.

Just think. When you were a kid, staying the night at your aunt and uncle’s house wasn’t upsetting in the least. If anything, it was a really fun sleepover!

There’s another huge upshot that aunts have compared to other family members.

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As the kid grows up and realizes that aunt is not just aunt, but mom’s or dad’s sister, they’ll understand the benefit of being close to family.

Hopefully, that’ll translate into the niece or nephew being incredibly close with their own siblings (or even friends.) And so the cycle of amazing aunts should continue for years and years!

And in many cases, as the niece or nephew grows up, there’s the chance for telling stories on what their mom or dad was like as a kid.

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These are always amazingly fun times, as the children will only have heard their parent’s side of things. But now it’s time for the truth to come out…

This doesn’t just have to be in the form of gossip. Aunts are often great mediators between parents and their children.

Their unique place as someone who understands their siblings and their sibling’s children essentially gives them a license to butt in on an argument whenever they want and say things like “Well, sister, have you considered the time that you…”

When you think of it in that manner, being an aunt comes with a scary amount of power.

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They can be the key to a kid getting a larger allowance, staying up later, eating their favorite foods and many other things that kids want!

Of course, not everyone has a biological aunt. But when this happens, almost always, a loyal family friend becomes known as an aunt. And why do you think this happens so frequently?

It’s because aunts are essential!

Even if there are no actual sisters around, someone always adopts the role of an aunt.

And anyone that becomes an aunt, whether it’s biological or in name only is sure to experience one thing; that is the joy of seeing their nieces and nephews grow up into fine adults thanks to their help!

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