Annoyed French bulldog on a diet throws epic tantrum when he can’t have more food

May 19th, 2020

Have you ever been hangry?

Most probably know the feeling. When you’re hungry, it’s hard to concentrate, fatigue sets in, and your mood drops off a cliff. But on rare occasions, hunger and anger merge into something deeper, darker, and much more destructive – an empty, impatient hanger monster.

Recently, Cashew the French bulldog experienced the hardships of hunger. But before getting into his short story, I’d like to draw attention to how cute French bulldogs are:

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Needless to say, they’re adorable, intelligent, generally friendly dogs with big hearts. They’re known to make incredible companions.

Cashew features a plain white coat and giant black eyes. He stands frozen in the dining room, hovering over a silver saucer. His bowl’s completely empty, clean as a whistle. Context suggests that he just ate.

But he’s still hungry. He doesn’t move a muscle.

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Cashew continues to stare at the bowl, hoping for a miracle. To his utter disappointment, nothing happens. He proceeds to turn his head, giving his owner the literal puppy eyes.

Owner doesn’t beat around the bush,

“No, you’ve had enough. Your breakfast is gone. Move on.”

Movin’ on ain’t easy. Sometimes, a dog’s just gotta eat.

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Cashew proceeds to let out a faint snarl, growing hangrier by the second. His prior disappointment converts to madness. The hunger has morphed into something much, much more powerful – genuine hanger.

Owner snaps back,

“No, you’ll get more tonight at supper. You are not starving.”

She’ll have none of his attitude. Cashew lets out a single soft bark. She responds,

“No, you’re not! You’re on a diet.”

Poor guy, he’s been ordered to lose weight. Two breakfasts are no longer on the menu.

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Cashew doesn’t hold back, letting out screech after screech, moving away from the bowl for dramatic effect. He seems incredibly cognizant of the situation, as if he can understand English.

Owner doesn’t skip a beat,

“You’re on a diet because you’re a little chubby, okay?”

Wow, that’s harsh. Some diets are grueling, so hopefully he’s motivated. But if it’s beneficial to his long-term health, then maybe it’s necessary.

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Honestly, I feel for Cashew. Hunger can temporarily lead down some dark paths. In fact, hunger can lead to mood swings and even suffering academic performance (well, for humans). Hunger can be unhealthy.

Cashew’s owner somewhat sarcastically adds,

“Do you want a snack? Like, uh, maybe an ice cube?”

Oddly enough, the question neutralizes Cashew. He almost seems content with the proposition. His body language changes completely, and his growls come to a screeching halt.

His hanger subsides. I guess it was the tone of her voice, because an ice cube doesn’t sound all that appetizing or fulfilling. I don’t think he’ll be that enthused. Looks like he needs to wait for dinner – or eat food-filled ice.

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Curious Cashew wants to eat, but he’s just going to have to hang in there. Hopefully, he’ll soon no longer crave a second breakfast, altogether. Maybe a few pounds wouldn’t hurt.

Stay strong Cashew, I understand – hunger’s hard. Let it fester long enough and you’ll be left hangry, potentially harming those around you. But push through the pain my canine friend, it’s for the best.

If you’ve ever been extraordinarily hungry, or (dare I say) hangry, then you can empathize with Cashew’s situation. His new diet’s clearly going to take some getting used to.

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