Autumn Rose Blanket Adoption Surprise

June 5th, 2017

Autumn Rose wanted to do something special to thank her stepmom for always being there for her.

Living in a reconstituted family often means that there’s a stepmom or stepdad who also takes care of you. “Family” isn’t always defined by blood, and that certainly was not the case for Autumn Rose and her stepmom, Lisa Laboy.

Autumn Rose from Plymouth, Wisconsin, decided she would surprise her stepmom Lisa LaBoy on Mother’s Day with adoption papers.

Lisa has raised Autumn for over seventeen years, and what makes this unique is that Autumn is already an adult at 20 years old.

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Autumn Rose Source: Autumn Rose

Although Lisa is not her biological mom, Autumn thought of her as her real “mother,” the person that was there for her through thick and thin. On Mother’s Day, Autumn presented Lisa with a framework that a heartfelt letter in it. Here is the full text of the letter:

“It’s no secret that you have gone through the ringer while trying to raise me as me own. From endless battles with my mom, to getting me through all the tough years, to being there for every good moment in my life.

Being there for my first days of school, letting us learn us from watching you get ready, marrying my dad, giving me two of the biggest blessings of my life, watching me graduate, sending me to college, and helping me with all the little things along the way.

I can’t imagine being able to have gone through life without your support. I know you don’t hear it often, but I’m so thankful and appreciative that you’ve always dealt with it and continued to inspire and support me every day because of your love for me. And to show you how proud I am that you have been through it all over the last 17-years…”

After Lisa had read the letter, Autumn gave her a package. Even the family dog was curious to see what’s in it, as he jumped up and quickly took a look at the package.

Lisa found a blanket in the box, with a yellow envelope wrapped inside it. The blanket had a very touching and customized tag:

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Lisa LaBoy Source: Lisa LaBoy

When Lisa finally opened the envelope, she quickly realized what was inside them and was moved to tears immediately – after which she gave Autumn a loving hug.

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Autumn Rose Source: Autumn Rose

It is heartwarming whenever we see step-parents like Lisa treat their stepchildren like their own, and it just as nice to see these kids reciprocate and appreciate the love and care they receive.

Good luck Lisa and Autumn! We’re so happy for you two, and we are sure your that relationship will only grow stronger over the years to come.

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Source: Autumn Rose