Abused Pit Bull Reunites With Rescuer, Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction

July 26th, 2016

The canine is indeed a man’s best friend.

A video of a man and his pit bull underscores an unbreakable, precious relationship that defines the meaning of friendship.

Though pit bulls are commonly seen as inherently vicious and aggressive toward humans, such a stereotype is quickly effaced with the spotting of Mojo and his owner. Mojo, like other pit bulls, loves people and showcases his affection in the most adorable manner.



Marine animal rescuer Joey Wagner of Nova Scotia came across a mange-infested pit bull (now named Mojo) and compassionately brought him to the vet for care. [Mange is an infectious skin disease found in dos and caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. The mites will cause an irritable itch; this results in constant scratching, which leads to rapid hair loss.]



An act of good is not forgotten, for the pit bull, after being saved by the Wagner and the vets, demonstrates his appreciation for Wagner by nudging his head on Wagner’s chest and adorably sending him puppy kisses.


The puppy shows his affection for several minutes as the vets laugh along. Wagner lovingly carries the pup in his arms and strokes his head.


Though the puppy is hairless and undoubtedly weak, the emotional bond between Mojo and Wagner remains unbreakable. The two share a love for one another.


The veterinarians reported that Mojo had never demonstrated such love towards them. This sentiment between Wagner and Mojo highlights the significance of a simple act of kindness during a crucial time in Mojo’s life.

After picking up Mojo from the vet, Wagner decided to give his new puppy a new residence in the comforts of his own home.


The video below shows that love does reciprocate. Animal love can be just as significant as human love; dogs and humans create a noncompetitive, healthy relationship that ultimately last an eternity. Watch what happens when Mojo reunites with his rescuer.

[Source: Daily Mail]