About Us
SBLY Media is a collection of digital media brands that focuses on providing positive lifestyle content. Behind the scenes we are a team of world-class writers, operators, and technologists taking a data driven approach to audience growth that powers the vision of connecting digital brands and audiences. SBLY Media is a part of SBLY.
Our Brands
Shareably focuses on uncovering inspirational, informative, and entertaining stories for our readers.
Animal Channel commits to providing uplifting and compelling stories about our furry friends that will captivate our human emotion.
Home Hacks recognizes that the homeowner experience is not easy. We strive to provide content that makes the homeowner experience more enjoyable for everyone.
Relieved helps our readers by aiming to provide accurate, informative, and interesting health information.
Articles written on Relieved do not constitute as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Parenting Isn't Easy recognizes just how challenging it is to be a parent in today's society. We hope to share inspiring and uplifting stories of parents around the world who are striving to be the best parents that they can be.
See It Live focuses on sharing the best music and dance talent from the around the world. We believe that positive entertainment has the power to change lives.
Spotlight aims to put the spotlight on inspiring and uplifting human interest stories from around the world. We want to be a positive alternative to the negativity that surrounds traditional news outlets.
Sweet and Savory recognizes the unique ability of food to bring people together and creates captivating content around food.
Our Technology
We're believers that technology holds the key in building sustainable digital media brands and audiences. We choose to showcase that technology by producing and amplifying content that positively impacts the lives of our readers.
Engine is our automated paid traffic acquisition platform that allows us to market our content and perform audience extension at scale. We're currently integrated across the following media platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Outbrain
Engine currently supports sophisticated budget scaling and fully automated campaign creation through an integration with our CMS.
Engine at its peak has handled over $2M in monthly ad spend profitably through its realtime data integration with Billboard and the media platforms we integrate with.
Billboard is our bespoke programmatic ad stack built on top of Prebid.js that is currently connected to over 20 of the world's top SSPs. Billboard comes with our in-house yield optimization techniques and traffics over 1B monthly ad impressions across display, native, and video.
Vault is our data pipeline and data warehousing solution built on top of Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, and Snowflake. Vault currently powers Engine and Billboard and is the backbone of our data-driven approach to content and audience growth.
Vault currently processes over 10B events monthly.
We work with brands, organizations, and companies to effectively drive impressions at scale. If you’re interested in working together, contact us at [email protected] and someone from our team will provide you with our media kit with detailed audience information and available inventory packages within 1-2 business days.